Stop hating on foreign sport imports and read this

Last night (2 June), two important Southeast Asian (SEA) Games matches took place on home ground.

One was an all-Singapore showdown in the women’s table tennis doubles final at the Singapore Indoor Stadium:

singapore vs singapore table tennis

The other was a grueling Singapore versus Malaysia netball preliminary at the OCBC Arena:

singapore vs malaysia netballSource

In both sports, Team Singapore put up a fight worthy of celebration: table tennis underdogs Lin Ye and Zhou Yihan defeated world no. 4 Feng Tian Wei and Yu Mengyu to emerge table champions, and Singapore netballers battled against tough Malaysian opponents for a 35-35 draw.

Yet, we see two distinct types of reactions to the results – hating on foreign athletes vs. sayang-ing local athletes.

table tennis vs netballSource

There’s more to the Internet than hate

The frivolous hate some Singaporeans unleash on foreign athletes aren’t going to get neither them nor the imports they dislike anywhere.

Rather than spamming hateful and over emotional words, putting out a well-thought argument is probably a much better idea.

At the very least, a decent argument is the first step to proper, healthy debate.

Thankfully, there are some Singaporeans with actual suggestions to reinvigorate our local sports scene. We’ve compiled some insightful things below:

1. Finding common ground

table tennis reaction cna 1Source

What this means: Remember that your foreign ancestors kinda made Singapore, and you might complain less about foreign talent.

2. Solutions to expand Singapore’s sports talent pool

table tennis reaction cna 2Source

What this means: We should be rewarded for living our sports dreams.

3. The meritocracy argument

table tennis reaction 3Source

What this means: The ‘Reward for Work, Work For Reward’ philosophy applies to everyone, even if your I/C ain’t pink.

4. Responses to the meritocracy argument

These 2 rebuttals to user Tan Zai Xuan (whose comment exists above) allow us to question our meritocratic system and understand it better:

table tennis reaction to 3Source

What this means: Our meritocratic system may not be as fair as it seems.

5. Singaporean-born athletes need work

table tennis reaction 5Source

What this means: When’s the next Fandi Ahmad coming to town?

To this we say: after school go play netball, don’t just study study study step up your game Singaporeans!

6. No money no talk

table tennis reaction 6Source

What this means: Local athlete earning a few thousands buys a HDB flat, while foreign athlete earning a few thousand buys a terrace house in China.

7. If the Lions XII could do it, so can other local athletes

table tennis reaction 8Source

What this means: We need a LionsXII photocopy machine.

8. Stop being a complaint nation

table tennis reaction 9Source

What this means: Shut up if you aren’t going to do anything.

9. Making sure sportsmanship is first

table tennis reaction 7Source

What this means: Results aren’t everything. Sportsmanship is not to be forgotten.

To end off on a less serious note…

10. Have more sex

table tennis reaction funnySource

Want to see more Joseph Schoolings, Isabelle Lis, Fandi Ahmads and Ang Peng Siongs trashing the world at sport?

Stop complaining and bashing on social media. Do something that will get you somewhere.

Here’s a tip to help you get your productivity on: go give your spouse some love. Then sign your kid up for less tuition.

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