Spotify Premium Student Plan Is Here

If you are a student who loves to get your groove on, it’s time to rejoice.

The burden on your wallet just got a little lighter, as Spotify has released a Premium plan for students, and it only costs $4.99 per month. That’s less than a McDonald’s Extra Value Meal!

Source: weber shandwick

Students Only

As long as you’re a student with a registered institution, just go to Spotify’s website now to sign up! The $4.99 price is about half of the normal premium subscription, which costs $9.99.

Singapore is one of the 33 countries where the new plan was launched on Wednesday (April 19), and we couldn’t be more honoured.

Premium Users

Spotify is a mammoth in the music streaming industry, with approximately 100 million users worldwide.

With a premium subscription, you can save and download your favourite songs from its comprehensive arsenal of over 30 million songs, and listen to them ad-free.

Best of all, once you have added them to your collection, you can listen to them offline. No more blaming music for your exorbitant data charges!

Its an audiophile’s dream come true too, as premium users can listen to “extreme” quality music.

Students Listen More

Here are some interesting facts that Spotify compiled to celebrate the launch of the student plan, including that students tend to listen to music 70% more than typical users:

Source: weber shandwick

It seems like students also use Spotify while chilling with their friends and grinding it out at the gym. Spotify’s wide selection of music makes it versatile and is able to fill the silence in most atmospheres.

The days of awkward silences are over — now you can just have a sing-along instead of a stare down.

Featured image from weber shandwick