Minister Khaw under fire for revealing Sembawang GRC candidates SWAMI Home

Welcome, welcome to the 17th General Election!

The People’s Action Party (PAP) revealed their candidates for Sembawang GRC on Friday (14 August) at Sunshine Welfare Action Mission (SWAMI) Home. We’ve already introduced the team in further detail here.

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What could be a better idea to demonstrate concern for the elderly than to unveil your new team at a nursing home?

Except doing so might not be legal.

Singapore’s People Party (SPP) member Ravi Philemon is disappointed that SWAMI Home has breached its own Constitution by allowing a political activity to take place in its premises, and has reported to the Registrar of Societies about this matter.

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A ‘Kopi Talk’ also took place at SWAMI Home after the candidates’ unveiling, and Mr Ravi, who is also a community worker, questioned its timing and purpose.

What was the purpose of the ‘Kopi Talk’? If the purpose of the Talk had changed from its original intention, did the Grassroots Adviser explain that the nature of the ‘Kopi Talk’ will now be political to the management of SWAMI Home?

He went on saying that Sembawang GRC anchor Minister Khaw should be able to separate his roles between politics and Grassroots adviser.

Of all persons, Mr Khaw – being the Chairman of PAP – should know why it is important to keep both roles separate. SWAMI Home is registered as a society under the Registry of Societies (ROS). ROS too should explain if the Society had contravened its Constitution and, if it had, what actions ROS will take against it.

The shots fired just scream the word ELECTIONS, but for now, let’s not involve the elderly in the home because they’d prefer some much-needed rest.


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