Watching Adult Was An Intern Who Couldn’t Manage The Situation

UPDATE: According to TODAY, the man in the video is an “intern with an external agency”, and “did not have the training or authority to manage the situation”.

Two boys from St Hilda’s Secondary School were seen beating up another student in class, as an adult silently watched the proceedings.

In a video making the rounds around Facebook, two boys made their best impressions of archetypal gangsters from 90s Taiwanese dramas, complete with exaggerated hand swinging and loud cursing in Hokkien. They surround a largely silent protagonist, who gets punched around despite murmurs around the class. If you’ve ever wanted to feel like the biggest douche in school, just take a leaf from the smaller bully’s book.

The smaller attacker is clearly the mouth of the duo. He saunters in first, flips the poor kid’s table, and repeatedly shouts expletives like Hokkien was getting banned tomorrow. He also warns the other kid to “go back to your f***ing USA and go and suck c**k”. Bigger attacker just stays silent, preferring to just apply the headlock.

However, far more interesting is the cameo appearance of the adult peeking from behind the back door of the classroom. Mr Specs just floats around with his lanyard, quietly observing the scene. He never makes a move, or even a squeak, even as smaller bully kicks and punches away.

Thank goodness, a fellow student stepped forward to stop the attack. He’s the real MVP there.

To the surprise of absolutely nobody, people have turned out in droves to comment on St Hilda Secondary School’s Facebook page.


We’ll just have to wait for the school’s statement to find out who the adult in the video is. However, it’s important that we remember that these are kids in the video, and that fights among kids are bound to happen. Adults just don’t typically watch and do nothing.

Featured image and screenshots via Facebook