The Straits Times strikes back

In an editor’s note, national broadsheet The Straits Times (ST) has responded to Dr Lee Wei Ling’s Facebook post where she said that she would no longer write for Singapore Press Holdings, as “the editors there do not allow me freedom of speech”.

Lee Wei Ling was previously a frequent contributor to a column in The Straits Times. Her columns over the past 12 years have been compiled into an SPH published book, A Hakka Woman’s Singapore Stories.

ST refuted her claims completely

ST clarified that all writers need to work with an editor.
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ST went on to say that this was not a matter of freedom of expression, but rather about maintaining quality.Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 1.03.38 pm


As it turns out, ST reveals that Dr Lee Wei Ling asked that her latest column be published without any edits most recently.

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The newspaper also reproduced former Straits Times review editor Janadas Devan’s Facebook comment rebuttal to Dr Lee in full. Janadas, who is Chief of Government Communications and the son of Singapore’s third president Devan Nair, refuted Dr Lee’s earlier comments about being suppressed by the three editors who worked with her. He was one of the editors involved.

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The full response, which first appeared as a comment to Dr Lee’s post was published in full as a letter in The Straits Times forums section on Tuesday (5 April).

The message clearly is that editing is not the same as censorship.


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