The best part of Star Awards? These 10 fashion choices

Never mind not being able to afford most of these gowns and suits worn by the stars we know and love at last night’s awards. We’ve scrutinised their #OOTDs and gleefully compiled the best (and the worst) for your viewing pleasure:

1. Joanne Peh

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Mum-to-be Joanne defies logic by making this elegant Stella McCartney gown work despite her baby bump. Also, it seems like there’s no need for jewellery since her famous sideboob and pregnant tummy conveniently act as accessories.

Verdict: Win

2. Elvin Ng

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We appreciate Elvin’s attempt to add a splash of colour, but his cream coloured Dolce&Gabbana pants remind us of Victoria Junior College’s school uniform.

Verdict: Fail

3. Quan Yi Fong

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The brainchild of Quan Yi Fong’s dress is her really artistic daughter Eleanor, but we think the black lace and green satin adds an unflattering Cinderella Stepmother vibe.

Verdict: Fail

4. Rebecca Lim

rebecca limSource
desmond tan and rebecca limSource

We wonder why naturally beautiful Rebecca Lim needs Chanel jewellery worth $2 million when her Zac Posen gowns and winning smile already look like a million bucks. Seriously, #girlcrushmaterial.

Verdict: Win

5. Rui En

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Friends, this is a glorious occasion. Because for once, Rui En didn’t wear black.

When asked about her pearl white and sequinned Zuhair Murad gown, she said, “it’s not very me, right? Because it’s pretty and delicate.”

Verdict: Win

6. Zoe Tay

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We think Zoe Tay is a better contender for best suit rather than best gown, since her Dolce&Gabbana suit makes her look like a female Sir Stamford Raffles. Showing her love for the smarter look, she said, “I really like wearing suits because it’s comfy.”

Verdict: Win

7. Li Nanxing

li nan xingSource

Li Nanxing on his outfit: “I’m not the kind of person who really knows how to dress up. As for the brand of this suit — I guess it’s a man’s brand.”

4/10 for an all white suit, 10/10 for humour.

Verdict: He’s funny and that’s all that matters

8. Shane Pow

shane toggleSource

No. Just no.


9. Xu Bin

xu-bin toggleSource

Outstanding Duke Xu Bin goes for the classic look and picked this Suit Supply tux because it made him feel manly and smart. Sure doesn’t look like it’s his first time wearing a tux at Star Awards.

Verdict: Win (we can still hear the fangirl screams)

10. Chen Han Wei, Bryan Wong and Mark Lee

chen han wei bryan mark leeSource

From left to right: Meh, Eh, Bleh.

What were they thinking? That fluorescent green looks better on some home curtains, and that shiny silver jacket looks better in a 70’s photo.

Verdict: Three musketeers gone wrong. FAIL.

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