Star-Wars Themed Run

Whenever something new in the Star Wars franchise surfaces, avid supporters never fail to race for every possible chance to bask in their favourite Force.

If you’re one of those people, you’re in luck. Because this time, you actually need to run.

Behold, Singapore’s holding its very first Star Wars-themed run on May 6, 2017 — just two days after Star Wars Day.

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Choose Your Side

Excited? That’s not all. You’ll get to choose your side of the Force – Dark or Light – which determines the route you have to run.

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Plus, you’ll receive merchandise according to which path you choose, which consists of a drawstring bag, a plush toy, a tee shirt, a towel and a limited-edition medal.

There are different run distances to appeal to different fitness levels. If you’re in it to race against other fans, we recommend the 10km competitive run. For those who are less Force-attuned, there’s also a 4.5km non-competitive walk.

Non-Running Activities

If you find walking or running too physical for you, there are also going to be outdoor movie screenings. So get your popcorn along with your favourite Jedi master and enjoy.

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Forget about the music raving that almost every popular race in Singapore ends with, Star Wars is ending with a bang. Yes, we’re talking about fireworks.

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Get your lightsabers (which are also for sale at $25) ready for the Star Wars carnival that’s will be set up, too.

Also, even the registration fees are reasonable relative to other runs that are normally held in Singapore.

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Simply put, it’s no question that we’re in for an amazing treat this May.

Sign up for the Star Wars Run here.

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