Who Needs Starbucks’ Unicorn Frappe?

For all the hipsters who completely detest basic drinks, trying out Starbucks’ secret menu is the closest thing to living the non-mainstream life. Heard of the Cotton Candy Frappe? Well, hold your horses because the Unicorn Frappe has just raced its way to the top.

unicorn frappe


Simply put, everyone has been trying to get a taste of the out-of-this-world drink. Well, at least in America, Canada and Mexico, as this drink isn’t available anywhere else, including little old Singapore.

Merlion Frappucino

So what do we do? Just pout and be resigned to our unicorn-less fate?

Amazingly, this YouTuber from the thejetsets, otherwise known as Moritz, was adamant on tasting the supposedly fantastical drink and visited a Starbucks outlet at Orchard Point. 


Because the drink wasn’t available in our tiny red dot, the friendly baristas decided to take their own spin on it, persuaded by Moritz.

And viola! Moritz was greeted by a tastier, more colourful drink dubbed the “Merlion Frappucino”. At least according to this video.

Merlion Trumps Unicorn

This actually comes as no surprise, as many people have given the thumbs down to the Unicorn Frappe for not being worth the hype — it’s too sweet, and doesn’t even look that great in reality.

Just look at Buzzfeed’s tasting video and the reactions that followed:

unicorn frappe unicorn frappe

Barista Backlash

And spare a thought for the baristas too — the demand for the drink has gotten so great that they are flipping out.

This barista was so triggered that he even ranted about it on YouTube:

Special For Singapore

Who knows? Maybe this more tropical-tasting fusion of mango and strawberry fusion will be our new signature drink, next to the Singapore Sling.

merlion unicorn frappe


And that’s something worth celebrating.

Sorry Americans, you just don’t get it.


Kudos to the Starbucks staff at Orchard Point for being willing to try out new things for customers.

We’ll look forward to a Merlion Frappe the next time we’re at Starbucks, maybe?


Featured image from YouTube and Life & Style