Starbucks’ Midnight Navy Sakura Blossom Themed Merchandise

Hold on to your purses at all times while this PSA is in progress. Consider yourself warned.

Starbucks has just announced their midnight sakura blossom themed merchandise, as part of their spring tumbler collection on Wednesday (14 Mar).

Like most Singaporeans, we think the collection is beyond fabulous.


We also heard they’ve launched a Strawberry Honey Blossom Creme Frappuccino too, in beautiful sakura blossom themed cups.


For all you thirsty Starbucks fans, we totally feel you.

So here are the deets – including prices and recommended drink sizes for each tumbler – so you can faster chiong down to your nearest Starbucks outlet to get one, before they sell out.

1. Midnight navy cherry blossom themed water bottles


The Weeping Willow collection will probably result in many fans weeping when they can’t get their hands on one. Without further ado, from left to right, in no particular order of gorgeousness:

  1. Weeping Willow Water Bottle (473ml) – $22.90
    • Comes with a straw & 2 different lids
    • Suitable for Grande-Sized Drinks
  2. Weeping Willow Tumbler with Straw (710ml) – $29.90
    • Suitable for Venti-Sized Drinks (Cold)
  3. Weeping Willow Tumbler with Gold Starbucks Accent (473ml) – $25.90
    • Suitable for Grande-Sized Drinks

2. Meteor and cherry blossoms showers


Who says only spring mornings are beautiful? The darker the night, the brighter the meteor showers and cherry blossoms in Starbucks’ Grey Rain collection it seems.

  1. Grey Rain Clear Tumbler (355ml) – $21.90
    • Suitable for Tall-Sized Drinks
  2. Grey Rain Cup Tumbler (355ml) – $34.90
    • Suitable for Tall-Sized Drinks
  3. Grey Rain Metallic Tumbler (355ml) – $38.90
    • Suitable for Tall-Sized Drinks

3. Pastel pink & lavender hues


If you’re a fan of pastel lavenders and pinks, this baby’s definitely the one you should take home.

  1. Gradient Thermal Flask (355ml) – $42.90
    • Suitable for Tall-Sized Drinks

4. Basic Navy and Baby Pink


Those who want something timeless and not too over-the-top, should consider these matte tumbler cups, complete with strawed lids from the Pink Blooms collection.

  1. Pink Matte Cup Tumblers with Straws (355ml) – $32.90
    • Suitable for Tall-Sized Drinks
  2. Navy Matte Cup Tumblers with Straws (591ml) – $39.90
    • Suitable for Venti-Sized Drinks (Hot) 

5. Cup full of blossoms


Love having a cherry on top? These cherry-blossom pink ceramic cups come with their very own navy cloud-shaped saucers.

  1. Blue Petal Ceramic Cup (296ml) – $29.90
    • Suitable for Short-Sized Drinks

Evening the odds by measuring them

As a rough guide, Starbucks drink sizes in ml are as follows:

Short: 8 oz (237ml)
Tall: 12 oz (355ml)
Grande: 16 oz (473ml)
Venti (Hot): 20 oz (591ml)
Venti (Cold): 24 oz (710ml)

So if you know your regular size of drink at Starbucks, you should probably take that into account before purchasing the tumbler or cup of your choice.

Using your tumbler at a Starbucks store will also entitle you to a $0.50 discount on your drink of choice.

Make sure the size of tumbler you’ve brought is suitable to contain the drink you’ve bought though.

I will find you, and I will buy you

If you’ve got no qualms about throwing your money at these hopelessly beautiful tumblers and cups, here’s a useful Starbucks store locator you can use to track down all the stores near you.

Your barista will see you now

For the uninitiated, every purchase of a Starbucks tumbler actually entitles you to a free Tall-sized drink voucher, which you can actually use immediately.

Despite the steep prices of these tumblers, a free drink may be a good way to soothe your tender wallet burns.

Cue the heavy breathing

For what it’s worth, we’re always suckers for fancy merch — especially when it’s from Starbucks.


Hopefully, we’ve made it a little easier for you to beat the crowds and emerge victorious among local throngs of  Starbucks lovers.

Featured image from Starbucks Singapore.