When was the last time an NDP song made you cry?

Well, after you watch a deaf person ‘sing’ the best NDP song of. ALL. TIME, you’ll know the answer.

Go ahead, grab some tissue, we won’t be going anywhere.

What is Home By Homes?

In short, it’s the best thing we’ve found on the Internet this SG50.

The 4 minute video is also StarHub’s FREAKING. GENIUS. way of celebrating National Day.


(StarHub also changed the colour of their logo to that of a certain competitor for this video.)

For years, we’ve sung Home during National Day Concerts in school thinking about how we could have ponned school to stay home much we treasure our heartland 4 room flats and of course, dat dragon playground:


But these aren’t the only homes people call home.

We’ve forgotten that people from Elderly, Children’s, and Special Needs homes also call places that aren’t HDB flats, home.

To that, StarHub nicely assembles people from various homes emotionally belting out Home to say “Hey, they’re joining the SG50 party too!”

Moments from the video that deserve a never-ending replay



Because this boy can sing.

Hey Ellen Degeneres, put him in your chair of ‘Young Boys Who Can Really Sing on YouTube’ already.

But before that, we demand a entire cover of Home by the little guy to get us all sentimental just in time for NDP.

1:14, 1:31, 2:16


That moment when you realise Home sounds beautiful even in your Mother Tongue.


This. (We’ll just do the replay for you, GIF style:)


“For this is where I know it’s home” in sign language is a silence that’s never been more beautfiul.


All singers from all homes gather for a rooftop partayyye and sing the final chorus with joy and gusto.


Like, this kind of joy:

home by homes 8Source

And, this kind of gusto:

home by homes 7Source

This video will have a special place in our hearts for a very, very long time. Good on you, StarHub.

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