Stefanie Sun Becomes A Victim Of An Internet Death Hoax

Don’t believe everything you see on the Internet, Stefanie Sun is well and alive.

The only thing she is a victim of is an Internet death hoax.


This comes after unverified reports from that the singer had died after being rushed to the hospital after a stage prop – scaffolding setup attached to two large guns – fell on top of her.

She even tweeted out the following on Wednesday (4 Oct) after news of her passing spread.


Must’ve been really weird to hear about your own death.

Just ask Jackie Chan.

The details don’t even make sense

According to the “report”, Ms Sun was performing at the New York’s Manhattan Center Hammerstein Ballroom as part of her Heaven Upside Down Tour.


They even quoted a concertgoer telling the Guardian the following:

She performed it (her song) and all of a sudden she climbed on to the two guns. At the end of the song she bent over holding one of the poles and tipped over.”

They also reported that the songwriter had recently broke her ankle during a show in Pittsburgh.

However, the site itself seems pretty illegitimate. A quick perusal throws up equally ridiculous stories, including one which reported that Foreign Affairs Minister Dr Vivian Balakrishnan had collapsed at the UN Summit 2017.

Where do they get such news from?

Now before you boycott their website – which you still should either way – turns out that the news reported wasn’t completely fake.

A quick Google search reveals that the exact scenario had happened just 5 days ago.

Except to a totally different person.


Turns out, American singer Marilyn Manson was the actual victim of the fallen prop. In fact, the so-called “Heaven Upside Down Tour” is actually Marilyn Manson’s tour, instead of Stefanie Sun’s.

There’s even a video of it happening if you’re interested:

Looks like the scaffolding wasn’t propped up properly.

Beware of fake news

So there you go, rumour debunked.

Don’t believe everything you see online, don’t subscribe to fake news.

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Featured image from States News and Twitter.