Thats Right, STOMP Saves Lives

You know what STOMP is.

No, not those crazy kids prancing around banging on dustbins.

We mean these guys — the Straits Times Online Mobile Print.


You know, that SPH-owned website that was also the subject for a close-down petition.

Finding it unbelievable that one of the city-state’s biggest websites — STOMP, an online portal which allows users to upload photos and videos of ‘bad’ behaviour (basically public shaming), saved lives?

We thought so too.

But here’s 12 ways STOMP has saved lives. In chronological order.

1. Stopped the driving of unauthorised vehicles in void decks

In June 2013, STOMPER John reported on the sighting of an excavator at the void deck of Block 32 in Telok Blangah Rise as he felt it wasn’t safe for residents at all.

Which is true.

But shouldn’t there already be rules for where these vehicles can and cannot be functioning at?

Thankfully, Town Council found out about the STOMP report and immediately took action against the NRP contractor for non-compliance of safety rules.

Daz right. Serves dem right.



Thanks to STOMPER John, the STOMP report and Town Council, our void decks have been made sure to be excavator (and other unauthorised vehicles) free ever since.



2. Caught motorists who drove against traffic flow



Back last year (June 3 2014 to be exact), a cement truck driver who drove against the flow of traffic at the Sembawang Drive cross junction was arrested after a STOMP report.

The Stomper who witnessed the incident sent in a video showing the motorist going against traffic flow, causing other motorists to stop and swerve out of its way.

Yes, we think the cement truck driver was probably high too — but on the bright side, if it was not for STOMP, the Stomper wouldn’t have been able to inform everyone about this situation on such a large scale, and the driver wouldn’t have been caught by the police either.

Yes that would essentially mean more vehicles adopting the “against the traffic flow” idea.

Which could essentially lead to…



3. Caught flashers under void decks

On June 4 2014, a police spokesperson announced that they were investigating the case of the half-naked man who was found lying on the floor at Blk 274 Yishun Street 22, drunk.

The indecently exposed man was found lying on the void deck grounds at around 12.20am on Monday morning (Jun 2).  The Stomper had tried to wake the man up, but had no choice but to get the police down to deal with the situation instead.

Thank you STOMP and fellow stomper for reporting this issue. If not for ya’ll, we (netizens) + residents of Yishun, would have all been blinded and scarred for life.




4. Making sure a lift lobby is just a lift lobby

On June 8 2014, residents on the eighth floor of Block 527 in Hougang were greeted to an unusual sight — their lift lobby being converted into a living room.

The Stomper spotted a ‘fully-furnished’ lift lobby– two red sofas, a coffee table wrapped in red plastic, as well as Chinese New Year decorations.



While this is the coolest idea ever, we don’t exactly think this is allowed. :/

Which is why the Hougang resident’s sofa sets were cleared from the lift lobby after the Stomp report on June 9 2014.

We’ll miss you fully furbished lift lobby 🙁



5. Making sure healthcare is fair to everyone

After Stomper Chris reported on 16 Sept 2014 that he was unable to make an appointment for his 83-year-old mother through the polyclinic’s website because the age options only went up to 1934 (meaning only those aged 80 and below were able to fix an appointment online), a spokesperson for SingHealth said that the organisation would look into increasing the age bandwidth for Polyclinic appointment bookings made online — the very next day.

Yes. That’s the power of STOMP alright.



Who knew such unfairness was actually going on in the health industry? It’s kinda funny because those above 80 would be in need of health services more than anyone else would, and they were restricted from making advance bookings!?

Thanks to STOMP, justice has been brought back.

6. Reducing Phone Bill Costs

Wait what? STOMP did that? It sure did. 😉

Long story short, after a STOMP report, StarHub responded kindly to a woman’s shocker bill of $2,080.80 in data roaming charges by reducing it to $18.

And this bill was after a one day trip to Malacca. Yup.



Stomper Priscilla was told that unlimited data roaming would cost $18 per day when she used Starhub’s preferred networks such as Umobile and DiGi Telecom — which she did.

And when she questioned the Starhub officer about this, he had nothing to say, and they never got back to her.

Thankfully, she turned to STOMP, and that’s basically how she solved her problems.

And they even got back to her in a matter of days!

Next time you face ridiculously priced bills, you know who to go to for a discount 😉



7. Making sure there aren’t anymore Nasi Lemak screw ups

Earlier in March this year (March 22 to be exact), fellow stomper S Arrifyn reported about some extra iron supplements in his packet of Nasi Lemak he purchased from a stall in Bukit Gombak, which kinda screwed the dish up.

Don’t get the pun?

Basically, there were screws in his food. Like literally.

nuh uh


And since we are aware of STOMP’s mysterious powers, the National Environmental Agency somehow found out about the issue and took enforcement action against the food stall operator a few days after.

Oh and NEA also found out that the screws came from the “missing ones” on the rice cooker in the stall.

Anyways, YAY to screw-free foods from now onwards :’)



8. Putting divas where they truly belong

Earlier this year (19 April 2015), winner of radio-TV personality contest — The Singtel Masti Miss Starlet 2015, Yasmin Muneera — got her title revoked after she got the attention 0f netizens and contests organizers with her offensive tweets via STOMP.

Now doesn’t that just suck?

The Stomper pointed out that Yasmeen tweeted some rather unpleasant stuff — from finding Singaporeans ugly, to multiple tweets suggesting fat people shouldn’t be allowed to occupy seats or even take public transport as a whole.



Now that’s not nice.

Yes, those tweets were from over a year ago, but a simple search on Twitter was all it took to find out what kind of a person Yasmeen truly was.

How can someone who is representing Singapore be the same person who uses such rude and derogatory slang?

Which is exactly why her title got revoked.

Well at least she’s still famous infamous.



9. Making sure that there aren’t bees (or any other kinds of insects) in Bee Hoon

Earlier this year, on April 30, a stomper was enjoying her packet of bee hoon she purchased from a stall at 991B Alexandra Road, when she realised that there was a little something “extra” towards the end of her meal.

There was a dead cockroach in her food. Yup.



Thankfully the NEA got alerted to the STOMP report and took action in a matter of days.

They immediately clarified that enforcement action has been taken against food stall operator for hygiene infringements, after a dead cockroach was found in the packet of bee hoon.

NEA also reminded the food stall operator to practise proper housekeeping and storage of food, and to arrange for their Pest Control Operator to conduct another round of treatment in the stall.


10. Making those who disrespect, serve the necessary consequences

A rude seller who called his prospective customer a ‘pitiful dog’ was suspended from Carousell after a STOMP report in mid June 2015.

Stomper HYH first alerted Stomp to this incident on 13 Jun, after she tried asking for a lower price on a keychain that was being sold on the e-commerce app.

Not only did the seller reject her offer, he also insulted her and called her names.



Insulting someone to this extent just because he/she asked for a bargain? How ridiculous.

On Jun 15, Carousell looked into the issue and came to a conclusion to suspend the user from the app as the company regarded it’s safe, conducive and friendly community.

So the next time you encounter such ridiculous and unreasonable sellers on Carousell, you know exactly what to do.

Stand up for yourself, not by sinking to such a low level to insult those sellers back, but instead by STOMPING all over them.



11. Making sure there is sufficient support for the jobless

On Sep 23, Stomp featured an article highlighting the plight of Mr Wu Yunchong — a failed businessman who had to sell his 3-room flat to clear the debts and ended up moving into a rental flat with his Vietnamese wife who later abandoned him with 3 young kids.

Having to support his three children aged 13, 10, and 7 respectively, Mr Wu took on two jobs — a cleaner in the day and a dishwasher after tucking his children into bed.

Earlier this year, he was diagnosed with esophageal cancer.

This heartwarming story was one which touched the hearts of countless Singaporeans.

And ever since the publication of the story, STOMP has recieved a total of 90 emails from members of the public expressing their desire to help render assistance to ease Mr Wu’s burden.

Not only does STOMP make sure there’s sufficient support for the jobless, but STOMP brings out the true Singaporean spirit of helping one another in need. :’)

We love you STOMP.



12. Unleashing dogs to a cruelty free life

And last but not least, the very recent STOMP article (1 Nov 2015) on animal cruelty — ended with SPCA removing the strangled dog from its home.

The STOMP report centres around a video of a man dragging the dog by its leash as his dog refused to follow him.

Yup he did that.

Not sure what video we’re talking about?

Well, it’s this one. (watch at your own risk)

[iframe id=””]

SPCA caught wind of the video and went to investigate further. Thank goodness they did.

With the help of the police, the organisation removed the dog from the man’s home and brought it back to SPCA’s premises, where a vet checked and determined that the animal did not suffer any noticeable injuries.


safe '


Another life saved by STOMP :’) (and SPCA of course)

STOMP – a hero in disguise

As you can see, the above 12 ways have clearly demonstrated how STOMP has helped save the many living lives in Singapore.

Who knew a website like that could actually save such a purpose?

As previously mentioned, STOMP has helped reveal the highly talked about Singaporean Spirit — except this time you get to see the Singaporean spirit in action.

What is this Singaporean spirit you ask?

Simply put, it’s the art of helping one another and looking out for others at all times, and STOMP has done exactly just that. :’)

Thank you STOMP and fellow STOMPERS. :’)



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