ST’s Animated Ads

From depressed eggs to catching Fantastic Beasts, it’s obvious that we’re all obsessed with the next “in” thing. Which explains why every other company seems to be creating their own little arms race, with tech-savvy features as weapons and revenue as victory.

Take The Straits Times’ new animated ads, for example.

The new moving advertisements on its mobile app e-papers are touted to be “Harry Potter-style” – leaving us wondering how quickly this innovation will zoom past our news feeds, most likely on a broom.



Something Has To Move

While it’s difficult to freshen up staid and questionable editorial content with actual good investigative journalism, it’s relatively easier to get IT guys to conjure up some movie magic in advertisements.

This is especially so when your media revenue has declined for 4 years straight – after all, advertisements are a great way of generating revenue upfront, so of course much effort should be invested into getting them to look great.

Another way is to charge people for using their interview and photos they provided – but let’s not go there. Oops, we just did.

Awesome Ads

Here’s an example of what an animated ad might look like. It’s breathtaking stuff, obviously:




The move has been praised by The Straits Times’ advertisers, said the paper in their own story that promoted their own product.

Mr Ignatius Low, head of media solutions at Singapore Press Holdings’ integrated marketing division, told The Straits Times that the company was “constantly looking for ways to add value” to advertisers.

“Animated ads are just one way of going beyond the two-dimensional page,” he told the paper.

Apparently, we have suddenly evolved into newborn babies, getting excited over moving objects.



To Be Fair

In all seriousness, maybe paying as little as $2,000 more to see things move on your company’s advertisement is worth it. Imagine readers on the MRT trying to read the news on their phones with confused, morning eyes, but still appreciative of the fact that at least something in their life is moving.


We Can’t Wait

We wait with bated breath to see how the new advertisements pan out.