[UPDATE: 2 Jan]  Dr Lee Bee Wah has taken actions with regards to the stray cats. Pest control will be called in to cull the cats, as a result of a poll done with residents without the knowledge of Cat Welfare Society. You can help make a difference by signing the petition here.

Christmas might be the season of giving, but Nee Soon South Town Council does not agree.

Following multiple residents’ complaints about cat food littering void decks, the Nee Soon South Town Council devised a foolproof plan: eradicate the cats. The complaints begun in July, and two weeks ago, the Town Council came up with a survey to seek its residents’ opinions.


The form reads:

We have received feedbacks from residents with regards to the left-over cat food discarded at the void deck. Concerns have been raised over hygiene and cleanliness of the public areas. We also received requests for the stray cats to be removed. Please make your vote by ticking on one of the boxes below. Yes or No?


Come this Christmas on 25 December, when the poll ends, these cats may be out of a home.

Unfair voting to determine fate of cats

This survey was distributed to residents of blocks 717 – 730. However, not all residents of these blocks received the survey form due to the spam mail lock option. The ultimate decision will be made based on majority of votes. We hate to think about the fate of these cats should forms fall in the hands of a larger part of cat-haters.

Future ‘plans’ for the cats

The RC and Town Council of Nee Soon South have disclosed that “culling” is not part of their plans. Should the result of the poll be for the removal of cats, they will rehome these cats with the help of Cat Welfare Society.

Credibility of Nee Soon South MP undermined

Just over a month ago, Nee Soon GRC’s MP, Lee Bee Wah, proposed tougher penalties to be meted out to discourage neglect and abuse of pets. Her actions today strongly conflicts with the speech she delivered in parliament.

Removing the cats a temporary measure

Cats should not be made to bear the brunt of selfish human nature. Even without these creatures, the existence of litter would still prevail.

To build a home with a heart, residents should be more considerate by removing excess cat food so they are not strewn all over. The other residents should also compromise by reminding these ‘litterbugs’ to take their remaining cat food along with them instead of utilizing the usual Singaporean way to resolve something – complain. This only serves to create disharmony and build animosity among residents.

Removing the cats is evading the problem and not solving it. If this is the mindset the Town Council has, we can foresee greater problems for Nee Soon South in future.

 Featured image via Ryu TaKasu’s blog
With reference to The Real Singapore, Channel News Asia