Student Fights In Singapore

It’s a flawed belief that school is solely for the imparting of academic knowledge — where students are simply bombarded with the teaching of languages, mind-boggling maths and the wonders of science.

In actuality though, many students learn much more than just academics. Schools nowadays strive for a holistic education that includes crucial life skills such as critical thinking, emotional development and… fighting?!


Violent Aspirations

Of course, Singapore’s schools don’t advocate violence.

But that doesn’t stop unruly students from brawling while in their school attire, living out their apparent aspirations of becoming World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) superstars.

Just witness these guys who were caught sparring on video (Warning: viewer discretion advised):

1. Schoolmate As Punching Bag

In the latest incident that has gone viral over the Internet, one student from Hai Sing Catholic School was on the receiving end of a barrage of punches from a fellow schoolmate on Monday (April 17).

Seated facing one another in the school canteen while holding each other’s arms, one may mistake them to be a lovey-dovey couple or two close friends. But after seconds, the two resembled mortal enemies instead.

After being prodded in the abdomen by his skinner counterpart, the student on the right just lost it, landing blow after blow on the other guy’s head, then in a move that John Cena would be proud of, triumphantly headlocking his victim with his legs while sitting on him.

According to The Straits Times, the institution has taken “appropriate disciplinary measures” and counselling has been provided to the students involved.

2. Whacked In Toilet

On Feb 8 this year, a vicious case of bullying was recorded at a toilet in the Institute of Technical Education (ITE) College East, resulting in the attacker’s suspension. Read our story on the ITE bullying video.

In the video, a youth in navy blue attire is seen raining punches and kicks on another boy who curled himself up into a ball for protection, and seemed to be crying.

According to a few uncorroborated posts on HardwareZone, the victim allegedly had sex with a girl in the men’s toilet. The assailant was outraged as he treated the girl as a “sister” and wanted to teach the other guy a lesson.

3. No Saints

Surrounded by a group of hooligans, an Indian youth was repeatedly hit by two guys as the others crowded around to watch the abuse, according to a video circulated in November last year.

One attacker was spotted ironically wearing a top with the word “Saints” imprinted on it, which resembled the school T-shirt of Saint Andrew’s school.

Saints they definitely weren’t, as they rained blows and kicks on the poor guy.

And, the climax of the clip came near the end, when one of the aggressors performed a flying kungfu kick straight out of a martial arts flick on the poor victim’s left thigh.


Netizens were outraged over the apparent bullying, but the victim shed light on the situation by suggesting he wasn’t being bullied. In an interview with The New Paper, the victim said he had met his attackers to settle “some issues”.

We think violence isn’t the answer, no matter what these “issues” are?

Mrs Lucy Toh, principal of Saint Andrew’s Secondary School, confirmed that some of the boys belonged to the school, reported Channel NewsAsia.

4. Slashing Gladiator

Afraid of losing out to ITE College East, one ITE College West student decided to raise the level of brutality by slashing someone.

The deed was conducted the open in front of a large audience, at a public area of the campus that resembled the Colosseum in Rome where ancient gladiators used to battle to their deaths.


This fight could have resulted in a similar outcome, if the slashing session wasn’t cut (pun intended) after security personnel showed up to diffuse the situation.

Part 1: 

Part 2: 

The attacker, Muhammad Zuhairie Adely Zulkifli, was sentenced to 18 month’s imprisonment and 6 strokes of the cane. He caused multiple fractures to his victim with a bread knife, reported Channel NewsAsia.

5. Fighting In Front Of Teacher

It’s every teacher’s nightmare when confronted with a brawl right in the classroom.

And for one female teacher at Peicai Secondary School, the nightmare became reality when a “joke” between 2 boys in class spiralled into a full blown brawl, reported AsiaOne. Several classmates also joined in the havoc while others tried to mediate the situation.

Thankfully the lady in the blue skirt in the video, who was the co-form teacher, was quick thinking and instructed some students to get a male teacher while capturing what happened on video for evidence.

6. The Showdown That Never Was

On Oct 8, 2016 at Block 446 Tampines Street 42, two youths looked as though they were about to embark on most epic fight of the year. For the first few seconds, they circled each other with clenched fists, ready to pounce at a moment’s notice.

The first flash of brilliance came when one of the guys expertly spun 360 degrees to perform a kick — which completely missed.

They then proceeded to skip around to and fro, as if performing some sort of new-age dance. Still, feeble kicks were attempted every now and then.

Simply put, this “fight” was painful to watch.

7. Head As Drum

Then there was the student who envisioned himself not as a WWE Superstar, but a drummer in a famous band.

At least, that’s what he must have been imagining himself as, when he used his hands and later a book to “drum” on the heads of two of his classmates, in a video that was posted on Sept 21, 2015.

He also slapped one of the boys’ head from side to side. The victims respond only by putting their heads down further.

There appears to be no teacher in the classroom, where the students were also blasting loud music, with one boy seen jumping on the teacher’s desk.

After the video went viral, the Ministry of Education said it would look into the incident.

Read our story on the Shuqun Secondary bully.

8. Bus Stop Bully

A young delinquent, allegedly from Bedok Green Primary School, was spotted pushing a smaller-sized student several times at a bus stop.

It also seemed as though the contents of the victim’s bag was strewn on the floor, as he bent down to retrieve some items.

Their meek attempts of name calling were pathetic. “He siao one la”, “bitch” and “asshole” were all that they could come up with.

There were several members of the public present at the bus stop, but disappointingly,  none were willing to intervene.

Violence Is Never The Answer

While it has been said that “boys will be boys”, it’s difficult to believe that the acts seen in some of these videos should be allowed to go on.

Regardless of circumstances, violence is never the answer to solve problems and in all seriousness, these fights all require some serious looking into.

Issues can always be ironed out in a calm manner. 

We hope that our younger generation can take heed and leave the WWE moves to the professionals.

Featured image from YouTube