Students Smoke In Classroom For All To See, Including The Teacher

A video on Facebook is going viral showing two students smoking in class and in full view of a teacher who didn’t seem to care.

The boy sat at the back of the classroom – as the ‘cool’ kids do – whips out a cigarette and lights it, subsequently taking in a few puffs of gratifying smoke. The video was uploaded on Sat (20 Jan), complete with a caption that proudly translates to smoke in class in front of teacher.

The video, that was taken by his accomplice, then turned towards the rest of the classroom where other students and a sole teacher were seen having lessons.


The two heroes, who appear to be from Bedok Green Secondary School, probably felt even more badass because – within the 25 secs video – even the teacher did not call them out for their act.

After which, the video flips back and this time the ‘hero’ gleams with happiness as if achieving a great feat. 


However, what was funny is, as this talented videographer subsequently took a puff of the cigarette, she did so while hiding behind her desk. Come on, you’ve already done the act in plain sight of the teacher, why hide now? And what’s the point of hiding, if you’re going to upload the video on the internet anyway?


Dum dum.


Not enough evidence to say what’s what

The fact that this was a mere 25 sec video makes it difficult to tell if the teacher eventually takes action against these kids. Perhaps the teacher had a 30 second lag before realising the commotion these two have generated.

After all, an intern was misidentified as a teacher in Sept 2017 for not splitting up a fight between 3 boys. Let’s not jump to conclusion quickly this time.

Yet, in the comments section, people were more disappointed with these two students than anything else.


When the students eventually are caught for their acts – and they will be – with this video evidence they’ve posted of themselves, they surely won’t be able to smoke themselves out of this one.

Feature image from Facebook