Subway Confirms It Is Applying For Halal Certification, Stops Selling Pork At All Outlets

On Wednesday (21 Mar), Subway Singapore confirmed that it is indeed gunning for Halal certification.

The news shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise, since MUIS hinted at it in January.

MUIS is the agency that issues halal licenses.

Nonetheless, here’s how Subway broke the news on Facebook:


Fans of the popular sandwich franchise will find that pork-proteins are no longer available at all its outlets.

This is a departure from the initial announcement in January, which said that only 60 stores will stop serving pork.

Mixed reactions galore

Our Muslim friends, who used to have to travel to Malaysia to get their Subway fix, certainly welcome the news.

It’s also a plus for anybody who wishes to enjoy their subs with their friends, regardless of race, religion and language.

But just as expected, the Internet is split on Subway’s decision (just like the last time). Some netizens welcome the change, while others are undoubtedly upset.


But fret not, some of the Internet’s best peackeepers were on hand to keep the peace.


Pork makes Subway special

A recurring argument that we saw in response to the January announcement was the importance of pork in a sub.

This netizen claims that Subway has now “destroyed” things for him because the chain’s Italian BMT will no longer use pork:


Reading the post closely, it’s obvious that pork is “one of the main reasons” he/she loves Subway.

One can only wonder — if pork is just one of the reasons why they love Subway, why not focus on the other things they love?


Doing it for the money

The previous post mentions that Subway is going halal to “cater to a small market of halal eaters”.

Which isn’t really the case, is it?

As this netizen pointed out, the decision isn’t about appealing to the niche Muslim market.

Rather, the halal certification allows Subway to expand its reach and grow its profits.


And that’s a move made by other eateries as well; MUIS revealed that there has been a 5-fold increase in halal-certified premises since 2000.

Eating fresh together

Perhaps these two netizens summed up the debate the best, by referencing and lauding Singapore’s racial harmony.



Whatever the online chatter, the sandwich chain has made its decision. Only time will tell whether it was a profitable one or not.

In the mean time, let’s just all enjoy our food together. Now where’s that pork-free Italian BMT?

Featured image from Facebook and Facebook.