About SunnyHills’ Gourmet Pineapple Cake

31 July 2014, Singapore – This coming festive season, savour the exquisite taste of the new SunnyHills famous pineapple cakes while indulging in the ultimate visual perfection of this culinary delight. These delectable gourmet cakes provide a unique experience that tells a beautiful story: they are meticulously prepared to take the consumer on a gastronomical journey from the careful sourcing of the finest ingredients around the world to the palate of the discerning gastronome. To produce these refined delicacies, SunnyHills uses gourmet baking flour from Japan, pure and natural butter from New Zealand, and pesticide-free, sun- ripened Cayenne pineapples from their very own farms in Taiwan. Moreover, the eggs used are specially selected from an antibiotic-free poultry farm, which houses the healthiest of hens.

As such, the company is always known to use only select ingredients in the making of their famous pineapple cakes. SunnyHills values its promise to never compromise on quality with artificial additives, and ensures that only the freshest; most natural and authentic ingredients are used. What’s more, SunnyHills prides itself on being conscionable and passionate in its creation of aesthetically pleasing gourmet cakes. Through extensive years of research and development, the founding team has finally invented an innovative baking mould that makes for the perfect visual treat through its precise, rectangular shape. The technically perfect straight edges, and even golden bake on all six sides is an achievement that exceeds all avid gourmet expectations. This unique feature enhances the delectability of these fine cakes.

The golden crust also provides an immaculate casing to the richness of distinctly flavoured pineapples. “I am very excited to introduce these flavourful pineapple cakes in Singapore. Our cakes have always been favourites among the locals and tourists from Japan. As Singaporeans are well-travelled, they have an appreciation for the finer things in life and I believe they will be able to appreciate the refinement that goes into making these cakes”, says Damian Lee, General Manager of SunnyHills in Singapore. Finally, these perfectly-shaped pineapple cakes are presented in attractive packaging boxes in accordance to the seasonal festivities of the Singapore calendar and will make an ideal gift for loved ones especially during the upcoming Mid-autumn Festival. In paying homage to their company’s philosophy of humility and generosity, SunnyHills continues to serve a complimentary pineapple cake and a cup of tea to each and every visitor to their Raffles Hotel boutique.

About SunnyHills

SunnyHills was established in 2008 at Bagua mountain farm in central Taiwan. The company was spearheaded by Michael Sheu to help his brother and the neighouring farmers to breakthrough from the confines of demand and supply from wholesalers. Its business model of having farmers supply the pineapples directly to the customers greatly benefitted the farmers and helped achieve Michael Sheu’s goal. Determined to create unconventional Taiwanese pineapple cakes that were filled with real pineapples and not diluted with winter-melons like most others did in Taiwan, Chef Lan Shu-Ting, one of the four founders, created a revolutionary Taiwanese pineapple cake made of 100% fresh pineapples and top grade ingredients with no artificial additives. SunnyHills started selling these palatable cakes in 2009. Since then, Chef Lan’s move revitalized the whole Taiwan pineapple cake industry and further injected new energy to the pineapple farming industry – the boom in the industry has attracted more younger generation back to the farming trade.

Since its inception, the company embraces and operates on three guiding principles in all their undertakings. Firstly, the company will only embark on an initiative if it benefits the Taiwanese farmers. Secondly, SunnyHills only uses ingredients in their gourmet creations that they genuinely understand and trust. Lastly, the company solely undertakes ventures that present a win-win situation to all stakeholders, i.e. their staff, customers and suppliers. SunnyHills believes in giving back to its land and people through responsible farming and fair-trade practices. Through all of its agricultural and business operations, it employs local villagers and farmers on the estate. To date, on top of its own pineapple farm, SunnyHills works with 800 small family farms in the region. From growing to harvesting on the farmland, cutting to baking in the bakery, and finally from packaging to delivery, SunnyHills makes sure that product quality is never compromised and what reaches the end consumer is the freshest, best tasting cake possible. All cakes sold out of Singapore are air-flown in from Taiwan, and are individually packaged with a desiccant to ensure optimum freshness.