Inspiring Short Film Reminds Us To Be Kind

An act of kindness might last just a moment but its impact can stay a lifetime. A tear-jerking short film titled “Ripple” has been making waves on social media. It features a young girl who wants to buy a cake for her grandfather’s birthday. At the cashier, they realise that they do not have enough money. But the man in line behind the family buys the cake for them, just to see the smile on the girl’s face. The story’s surprise ending is nothing short of amazing.

Viddsee created the short film for Care & Share Movement, a fundraising and volunteer movement for social services in Singapore.

It’s About Paying It Forward

One of the most difficult things to give away is kindness, especially when it takes far less effort to not care. It is a lot easier to look at a person’s situation and judge him rather than lend a hand.

And sometimes in the struggle of our own days, we forget to be compassionate to others. We must remember that we have all been in a place where we just needed a small act of kindness, for someone to take that weight off our shoulders for a second.

A little act of kindness can make a big difference in someone’s life .

With reference to Viddsee
Featured image via YouTube