This one passenger was in for a treat

Dr Thomas Manhart boarded a Comfort Delgro cab on the afternoon of 20 November, assuming it would be just a typical journey.

After learning that his passenger is a voice lecturer, the 63-year-old taxi driver let slip that he used to take singing lessons with a Chinese tenor who returned to Singapore to teach after studying voice in Italy. The driver loves singing during social gatherings, but has never performed in public.

The School of the Arts (SOTA) Singing and World Music teacher, Dr Manhart, asked if the taxi driver would like to sing for him. The driver obliged, breaking into melodious opera.

Dr Manhart was impressed and took a video:


Dr Manhart regretfully admitted that in his rush, he did not find out the driver’s identity. Nonetheless, he still believes that other drivers will be able to track this opera-singing driver down.

Mixed responses from the netizens

While some were blown away by the taxi driver’s powerful voice…

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Others were sceptical about his singing prowess.

Screen Shot 2014-12-19 at 12.26.03 pmScreen Shot 2014-12-19 at 12.26.19 pmSource

Want to witness this taxi driver singing live? We recommend using the latest LTA app to chase his cab down. Disclaimer – the probability rate is at 1/28,000.

Featured image via Facebook
With reference to Channel News Asia