“David De Gea” Caught Loitering Around Singapore Dragon Boat Association’s Storeroom, Theft Suspected


Man Gets Caught Loitering Around Singapore Dragon Boat Association’s Storeroom Twice

Manchester United’s David De Gea is arguably one of the best goalkeepers in the world, with his quick reflexes and agility. While the Spaniard has inspired many budding goalkeepers, it seems that the nimble shot-stopper has inspired one Singaporean for a totally different reason.

In a Facebook post on 12 Aug, the Singapore Dragon Boat Association (SDBA) reported that a suspicious character was caught loitering around their storeroom, dubbed The Nursery, located at Kallang.


When confronted, the perpetrator fled he scene before any dragon boaters could take a snapshot of his face.

Burglar channels the reflexes and agility of De Gea

Clad in a green long-sleeved jersey, a cap and long pants, it was alleged that the man had the intention to steal from an unlocked team cage.

However, some dragon boaters spotted the man behaving suspiciously and went to confront him. He told the team that he was working for the SDBA and was “counting [the]boats” in the storeroom.

Sensing that the man was lying, the dragon boaters whipped out their cameras to get a snapshot of the trespasser’s face. But before they could get a clear shot of his face, the thief fled away, leaving the dragon boaters with only a picture of the name printed at the back of his jersey: De Gea. No wonder he managed to stop those camera shots.


‘De Gea’ strikes again

You would think that after getting caught out the first time, ‘De Gea’ would have learnt not to try to steal again. However, the ‘shot-stopper’ must definitely have balls of steel after he was caught loitering once again on 25 Sept. The only difference in his attire was that he was wearing a white top this time around. Maybe it was a Real Madrid shirt.


The SDBA are calling for witnesses and vigilance as they are in the midst of setting up their new security system.

In the meantime, witnesses can contact the SDBA at [email protected].

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