Singaporeans Praise SPF For Quickly Apprehending 2 Suspicious Men At Bishan MRT Depot


2 Foreigners Detained After They Were Caught Taking Photos Of Bishan MRT Depot

Now we know that many Singaporeans are quite pissed off that SMRT is taking such a long time to fix the numerous train faults. However, we did not expect foreigners to take an interest in the subject matter as well.

On Wednesday (4 Oct), two foreign men were detained by the police after they were caught loitering and taking photographs at the Bishan MRT Depot.

Their swiftness at dealing with these suspicious individuals drew the rare praise from Singaporeans.

Tio caught

According to a Straits Times report, the two foreigners – whose nationalities are still unknown – wanted to take photographs of the depot and attempted to gain entry into the Bishan Depot via a shuttle bus for depot personnel. They were prevented from entering the premises after a check at the security gantry revealed that they did not have authorised passes.

Undeterred, the pair began taking photos at the gate. This prompted SMRT security personnels to detain them. The Police were called in to investigate the matter.

The two individuals were detained and questions, but we are unsure if the suspects have been arrested.

Not the first time

This is not the first time that foreigners have tried to break into the Bishan MRT Depot. The depot has been broken into on at least four occasions occasions in 2011 and 2014. In the video below, the trespassers – American couple Jim Clay Harper and Danielle Bremner – took the opportunity to vandalize one of our trains.

According to The New Paper, SMRT was fined $200,000 by the Land Transport Authority for this security breach.

Netizens praise SPF for their swiftness

With the safety of Singaporeans a top priority, the swift actions of the SMRT security team and the Singapore Police Force garnered praise from netizens.


To the SMRT and SPF, thank you for your vigilance and keeping Singapore safe!

While we have no idea what the duo were up to, perhaps its best to be vigilant.

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