Workers’ Party Unsuccessful In 2nd Attempt To Speak At Parliament, Tan Chuan-Jin Says No Foul Play Involved

Last week, we talked about how The Workers’ Party (WP) Chairman Sylvia Lim re-filed her adjournment motion to discuss the recognition of Singapore’s first elected President. This was the 2nd attempt made by the Aljunied GRC MP after having previously been not selected due to random balloting earlier in the month.

If at this point, you’re expecting her persistence to finally payoff, we’ve got some bad news for you.

Because on Tuesday (26 Sept), WP posted on their Facebook that Ms Lim’s bid not been selected.



However, all is not lost, as she might still stand a chance to speak after all.

Once again, she must face the odds of random balloting again, and if the Parliament decides to even sit for a 2nd day. But hey, you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take right?



Tan Chuan-Jin defends the decision process

This time however, Parliament’s newest Speaker – and also the one who conducted the ballot – Tan Chuan-Jin actually explained in detail the balloting process on his Facebook shortly after news of WP’s unsuccessful 2nd attempt spread.


Seems like he’d already anticipated the negative reception.

In his post, he mentions that Ang Mo Kio GRC MP Intan Azura Mokhtar’s discussion of preserving the heritage and green spaces in Jalan Kayu was chosen over Ms Lim and Sembawang GRC MP Vkram Nair’s motions — both of whom had rolled over from the previous round.

All from the balloting system.

He also added that this round was Mr Nair’s 2nd unsuccessful attempt as well — just like Ms Lim.

Ever thought about him? No. You only think about yourself.


He did however, mention that should the Parliament allow a 2nd day of sitting, they’d then draw from the remaining 2 to decide who gets to speak.

At least they have that going, which is nice.

Mr Tan’s signature sense of humour

He even jokingly suggested – to appease the Internet –  that Ms Sylvia could either do the balloting herself or broadcast the process on Facebook Live.


This guy seems to really have a sense of humour.


Who knows, perhaps we could be seeing this in the future.

But for now, it looks like debate on Singapore’s first elected President will have to take a backseat to preserving Jalan Kayu.

Will persistence pay off?

If nothing else, WP is very persistent indeed. Will WP persevere and continue to submit motions to discuss Singapore’s first truly elected President? How long will we have to wait for Sylvia Lim to speak?

After all, 3rd time’s the charm. Probably.

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