Popular influencer Symone Oei had posted the above instagram picture with the following caption:

“One of the biggest blessings in my life 🙂 thanks wen, for being one of the best bros anyone can ask for & count on. You’re a true friend that I know will always be there no matter what. Here is to eternal friendship”

It may not have been obvious to Symone what she did, but it was apparent to her legion of followers and an outpouring of sympathy and amusement followed.

Some of the comments include:

kexykex: @xuyiwenkevin I’m mourning for you……

yeungch93: 1min silence for our fallen brother.

schrisnhm: Brah u just got friendzone.

riotcoke: Here’s to eternal friendzone

chbayyy: @foreveryangg brah you just got friendzoned. here’s to an eternity of friendzones that you can’t escape from. friendzoned to the hundredth degree. friendzoned so harddddd

myvaledictions: Eternal friendzoned

fadzlifaizal: FRIENDZONE LEVEL 1000

markmatriz: a moment of silence for our brother, who got friendzoned

meandmyworldonly: Goodluck pal, friend zoned~

Here’s the link to the original instagram post.

Top photo credit: Symone Oei