Tampines Rovers does not seem to be doing very well

After signing up former Arsenal and Liverpool winger Jermaine Lloyd Pennant, Tampines Rovers appears to have cash problems. They have asked for the Football Association of Singapore (FAS) for up to $1 million in financial aid.

Local media reports that club chairman Krishna Ramachandra says he is waiting for the subsidies from FAS, which are rightfully due to the club.

 “Now it is a simple case of getting (an advance on) the subsidies (from the FAS) that are rightfully due to us, and reimbursements from our AFC Cup participation, which is quite expensive.”


Still, Tampines’ operating costs are reported to be well above $2 million, while the average annual budget of an S.League club is between $1 million and $1.5 million. An S.League player draws an average wage of $3,500 compared to Pennant’s $20,000 monthly salary.

As local media puts it, that is a huge bill, even when taking into account the subsidies provided.


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Featured image via Yahoo
With reference to The New Paper, TODAY