Everything you know about SEA Games broadcasting is a lie

Take a look at the pictures from Minister Tan Chuan-Jin’s recent behind-the-scenes visit to the SEA Games broadcasting site at MediaCorp:

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Now ask yourself this question: who stands out in these photos?

“The media technicians!” said no one ever.

But thanks to the incredibly hip Minister for Manpower and Social and Family Development — who happens to have quite a cute hashtag obsession — we now know how much respect these behind the scenes artists truly deserve.

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3 reasons why the SEA Games media team are the real MVPs

1. The commentators aren’t in a glass studio at the top of the stadium

Let’s use this Philippines vs Singapore football preliminary as an example:

What you know: That the commentator sounds no different from every other football commentator at 58:50 when the first goal of the match is scored.

What you don’t know: All of that screaming is done in a room.

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2. Too much work goes into updating scoreboards

What you know: The medal tally and game scores are up to date whenever you need them.

tan chuan jin sea games medal standingsSource

What you don’t know: The people below are responsible for keeping track of 1313 medals from 402 events across 36 sports.

They’re the ones that religiously update the scores across television, online, AND mobile mediums, just for your convenience.

tan chuan jin sea games 5Source

3. They’re the ultimate multi-taskers

What you know (thanks to us): The SEA Games media team works harder than you thought.

What you don’t know: They’re the true multi-tasking Gods.

tan chuan jin sea games 8Source

Seriously, check out that man to screen ratio. Each employee watches 20 screens like there’s no kick.

Thank you Mr Tan, for enlightening us about how the SEA Games media team deserves Singapore’s 85th SEA Games gold medal.

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