Tan Kin Lian <3 Donald Trump

Remember Tan Kin Lian?

Yeah, he’s that guy who garnered 4.91% of votes cast in the 2011 Presidential Elections.


Well, the poor guy might have lost his $48,000 deposit, but he still actively runs a blog about basically whatever concerns a 67-year-old Chinese man who lives in Singapore.

You know, money and stuff probably.

Anyways, Mr Tan seems to still have a passing interest in politics, and he knows who he’s rooting for in the 2016 United States presidential race.

He’s putting his money on the man who, despite having zero political experience, seems to be the leading candidate for the Republican Party.

Mr Donald Trump.

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Wait, but why?

According to Mr Tan, President Trump’s mantra of ‘mak[ing] America great again’ will bring about unexpected benefits to Singapore.

President TrumpDonald Trump is likely to be the next president of the United States. He will make America great again….

Posted by Tan Kin Lian on Sunday, January 3, 2016

Trump’s promises of stopping illegal immigrants and bringing jobs back to the US hark a return to protectionism — where trade with other countries is restricted. Doing so forces American companies to hire Americans.

But that’s not even his most conservative idea. Just look at Trump’s first campaign ad.

Sounds bad, but actually might be good..?

When a large country cuts trade, smaller countries like Singapore will be adversely affected. But Mr Tan reckons we could adjust to a smaller economy.

We do not really need to bring in many foreigners to serve the global economy or the global financial sector. With a smaller economy due to diminished global trade, we will have less jobs for foreigners. The remaining jobs can be done by Singaporeans.

With Singaporeans doing these jobs, we’ll probably have to pay higher wages to achieve the same result. Surely that can’t be good?

Mr Tan has a solution for that too!

Will higher cost of labor lead to higher cost of living in Singapore? Yes. But that meant less spending on houses (and house prices will be cheaper) and on cars. And that will also be a good thing.

Also, there will also be a very welcome side effect to the whole situation.

The Singapore government will have a smaller budget surplus. They cannot afford to pay outrageous salaries to their ministers. And that would be another good thing.

Er. Sure.

Might he actually be right?

Mr Tan seems convinced that President Trump is a forgone conclusion, but we’re not entirely sure if Singapore can gain from such a result.

Does the former presidential hopeful actually have a point? What do you think?

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