Tan Kin Lian Takes A Bus, Has Things To Say

By now, we’ve all established that while Dr Tan Cheng Bock is the Singapore presidential candidate that came closest to the win, Mr Tan Kin Lian is the presidential candidate that Singaporeans just loves to hate, thanks to his habit of sharing his unique point of view on seemingly normal things. Read our story on how Mr Tan Kin Lian doesn’t understand why the doctor does his job.

This time, it all began when he took a bus — that most innocuous of Singaporean everyday experiences.

Rage Against The Machine

Mr Tan posted on his Facebook page on his “encounter” with a ticketing machine, which can still be found in older bus models and would seems normal to ordinary citizens.

Mr Tan is no ordinary man, though. He was extremely triggered by the ticketing machine.

He brilliantly observed that the ticketing machine was only used by tourists and “some old folks”, and posed a mind-boggling question:

There is a better approach. What is it?

Of course, he didn’t just pose a question, but gave suggestions too — to which netizens had more than a few comments in response.

Here are some of his wacky ideas:

Bus Drivers To Turn Cashiers

Bus drivers would just be so glad to take on the extra chore of preparing and selling tickets instead of letting the machine print tickets for them.

Not to mention the delight of the commuters for having to pay $3 for a bus ride.

Many netizens also thought that this was a great idea, and this resulted in a very charming running debate with Mr Tan on Facebook.


And some equally incredulous responses on Reddit.


Spend Money To Reduce Costs

Instead of using the “expensive” ticketing machines that have been installed there for years, Mr Tan suggests that we adopt a new method — fare cards instead of cash.

Sounds an awful lot like our ez-link system that was started in 2001, doesn’t it?

Netizens were quick to point this out:



Ignorance Is Bliss

If you are searching for proof that ignorance is truly the key to happiness, look no further:


Doesn’t he look happy?

Maybe Dr Tan was truly unaware that the ticketing machines that he chanced upon are archaic and only found on older bus models. They date back to before the ez-link system, where passengers had to insert their fare cards into the machine, press a button for their fare depending on distance, and collect a ticket.

It’s also possible that he was oblivious to the fact that now, since the ez-link system was implemented, these machines are only used to print tickets when people pay in cash.

And any normal Singaporean would know that if you don’t have an ez-link card, all it takes to get a ticket is to deposit coins into a machine, after which a ticket is printed out with a single press of a button by the bus driver.

Netizens were savage at excoriating Mr Tan’s seeming lack of background knowledge:



It is still quite astonishing that despite his age and experience, the 69-year-old has no idea of the purpose behind the old ticketing machine.

Perhaps he hasn’t taken a bus in a while.



Thank You For The Entertainment

For those of us who are new to the Tan Kin Lian show, he’s been entertaining Singaporeans for a while now, and most of us are more than familiar with his antics.

Perhaps this netizen puts it most succinctly.


We should be glad that we have Mr Tan in our lives for our daily dose of entertainment.

If you want to read more of Mr Tan’s hilarious posts, you could check our story on why he would made a great president.

Featured image from Facebook