New Website By Lazada To Sell Taobao Stuff

Shopaholics assemble! It’s going to be a lot more convenient to buy stuff from one of the most popular e-commerce sites in the world.

400,000 products from Chinese online shopping mammoth Taobao that were previously unavailable will be made available to shoppers in Singapore — and we will be able to buy them using English!


Teaming Up

The Alibaba Group, which owns Taobao, has teamed up with Lazada to create a new website that links to Taobao, in an effort to bring Singaporean shoppers direct access to Taobao products, according to a Bloomberg report.

It went “live” this week at Take a look at what the new website looks like:


They say that variety is the spice of life, and Lazada definitely goes by that motto as its website has something for everyone, from electronics to home products.

Here are some other reasons why you should flock to the new site:

1. More Stuff To Buy

The new site features all of the 5 million products that are currently in Taobao’s lineup, but wait, there’s more — 400,000 previously unavailable products will be added to it.

The 400,000 products will be specially curated for Singapore, reported Today.

2. England Very Powderful

The new site will be a godsend to Singaporeans whose Mandarin cannot make it, as Taobao’s main website is almost entirely in Chinese.

Currently, Singaporeans who buy from directly from Taobao get cheap deals but need agents to help them with English translations and payment/delivery details.

This might be a thing of past as the new site is in English, so we don’t have to regret sleeping during Chinese lessons any more.


3. Cheap Shipping

Have you ever had that sinking sensation when you realise that the item you want is cheap, but the shipping costs a ton, and is in fact pricier than the item itself?

Those days may be gone. As we won’t have a use for the aforementioned agents any more, the new site can offer a fixed shipping rate of only $2.99 per order! That means that you can order whatever you want without fearing your money will get shipped away.

4. The Real Deal

Many harbour a snarky stereotype that Chinese goods are mostly cheap knock-offs.

Well, you can throw that mentality out the window.

While it’s tough to stop counterfeits from selling on Taobao’s main site as it’s an open marketplace, Lazada has tight control over the authenticity of the goods sold over the new website, and will take quick action if it suspects that the item is a fake.


Go Forth And Shop

With this new website, Lazada and Alibaba have shaken up the local e-commerce scene and possibly accelerated the death of brick-and-mortar retail shops.

A treasure trove of shopping awaits us — head down now to Lazada’s special page to get in on all the action.

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