Singaporean Creates MRT Breakdown Support Group On FB Because Our Trains Are Too Reliable


Netizen Creates TATA SMRT, A Support Group To Help Others In Times Of Train Breakdown

How do you know when enough is enough? When do you draw the line and decide it’s actually time to stop complaining and do something to improve the situation instead?

If you’re wondering, we’re referring to the constant slew of train breakdowns and delays, that have happened to often that a list of MRT disruptions has its own Wikipedia page.


Which is why much like most Singaporeans, Jason Cai sought to voice his frustrations on Facebook after falling victim to the disruptions time and time again.

Unlike most Singaporeans however, it seemed that the breakdowns in the morning of 23 Aug was the straw that broke the camel’s back. This led to him forming TATA SMRT, a support group on Facebook dedicated to providing citizens with alternate transport routes in times of disruptions.


Short for “The Alternate Transport Advisory & Singapore Magnificent Rescue Team”, TATA SMRT was created on 23 Aug to make a difference as a “safety net” against future MRT train breakdowns.

Never mind the typo in “Alterate”


Frustrated by the constant cycle of train breakdowns and netizens complaining after, Jason hopes to turn future negative situations into more positive and heartwarming experiences by providing alternative solutions whenever a disruption occurs.

Your move, Khaw Boon Wan.

Safety net against train breakdowns


Here are some of what you can expect from TATA SMRT.


Jason and his team of admins hope to keep commuters updated on the statuses of trains in real time, especially when official mediums aren’t as responsive during crucial moments.

They also look to plan out alternate routes in the event of a breakdown.


More importantly however, TATA SMRT looks not to replace anyone’s jobs or solve the breakdown issues, but to provide workarounds to make our commute a more positive experience.

As of 20 Sept, the group has 499 members involved, with 100 of them joining after the breakdown on 19 Sept.

Positive reception from netizens

Reception to the group has been largely positive with many praising Jason’s efforts and being proactive.



And of course, no discussion about our trains in Singapore is ever complete without the obligatory criticism of Transport Minister Khaw Boon Wan and SMRT CEO Desmond Kuek.




With train disruptions becoming more commonplace in Singapore, it’s a nice change to see someone actually trying to make things better instead of spreading hate about our beloved Transport Minister online.

Though, it’s interesting to see what he’ll have to say about this, given his previous track records.

If you believe this is a worthy cause , go show them some support and join the group!

Featured image from Facebook.




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