Man Gets Tattoo Of Tan Min-Liang’s Face On Calf, All For A Free Razer Phone

Getting a permanent tattoo of another man’s face is right up there on our ‘things you should never ever do’ list. However, that was the price one Razer fan was willing to pay in order to get his hands on the new Razer phone.

28 year old Matt Connelly is such an ardent fan of Razer products, he would do almost anything to get his hands on the gaming company’s new phone. With Razer’s new mobile phone being snapped off the shelves at an alarming rate, Mr Connelly knew that he had to act fast.

His game plan? A tattoo of Razer CEO’s face on his body in exchange for the mobile device.

The proposal

Mr Connelly decided to try his luck on 25 Nov, proposing to do the deed in exchange for a new Razer Phone on Mr Tan’s Facebook page.


It is not everyday that a random stranger is willing to worship you to the point of tattooing your face on his body, and this clearly tickled Mr Tan who agreed to Mr Connelly’s proposal. The Singaporean entrepreneur even quipped that he would autograph the mobile phone’s box before sending it out to Mr Connelly.

It’s on like Donkey Kong

What Mr Tan probably wasn’t expecting was for Mr Connelly to actually be serious about the offer.

In a separate post on 30 Nov, Mr Connelly informed Mr Tan that he would be executing his game plan of getting the CEO’s face within the next two days.


And, it seems that the Razer CEO is not the only one who delivers on his promises.

In a Facebook post on 6 Dec, Mr Tan shared three pictures of Mr Connelly’s new tattoo.


Good game, well played

Mr Tan was thoroughly impressed at Mr Connelly’s enthusiam and the CEO duly paid tribute in a Facebook post on 6 Dec.

He even uploaded a gif applauding Mr Connelly for his extreme fandom.


While the Singaporean entrepreneur congratulated Mr Connelly for his ballsy move, there were netizens who were bemused at the extent that Mr Connelly went to.


One even offered his cat as tribute.


But most netizens just joined in the applause.


It really seems that, you can’t spell fanatic without fan and this man from Ohio is living proof.

Featured image from Wikipedia and Facebook