A Singaporean “premium lifestyle membership club” has come up with an unbeatable deal – take a taxi to anywhere on the island, and the ride will only cost $1!

Here’s how the deal from RivaLife (yes, that’s what they’re called) works:


Basically, take a photo of your taxi receipt, send it to the designated email address, and receive the refund within 7 days! Sound like a pretty sweet deal right?



Somewhere on the landing page, tucked right right at the bottom, just beside “HOW TO CONTACT US”, houses the smallest disclaimer in the world.


Your credit card details are required upon signup for the deal, which is apparently only available for 48 hours. This means that you need to take a taxi, procure the ride’s receipt, and send a photo of it within 48 hours of signup.

Even if you don’t manage to make use of the offer, the membership subscription charges will kick in on the second day. Fees are $79.90 every 3 months, or $26.63 per month.

What Members Get

In the pursuit of journalism, we checked out their homepage for deals that might just make that $26 a month worthwhile.



To be fair, deals actually do exist on the website. However, with discounts of 8 to 30 percent, you’d probably have to go to all of these places everyday just to cover the monthly fee. Sounds legit in theory, but in practice, where got time?

Featured Image via RivaLife