Taxi Found On Steps Of Yishun Temple After Cabby Mistakes Staircase For Carpark Exit

Has all the stress of the Uber/Grab rivalry really pushed taxis over the edge?

Looking at this photo of a taxi on the steps of a temple in Yishun, it might appear so.


But no, the taxi wasn’t there ‘praying’ for more passengers.

Channel NewsAsia reported on Friday (16 Mar) that the taxi driver had dropped a passenger off at the Soon Kay Seng Temple in Yishun Avenue 9.

As he was driving off, he mistook the temple’s staircase area to be its exit and turned into it – only to find his taxi stuck a few seconds later.

A video making the rounds on social media shows the taxi on the staircase, its bonnet damaged.

Call it divine intervention or sheer luck, but neither the cabby nor members of the public were injured in the incident, which took place on Thursday (15 Mar).

How did it happen?

Looking at the temple’s layout, it’s easy to see what led to this unfortunate incident:


We have a feeling that the exit to the temple might actually be behind the drop-off point and not at the staircase.

After all, the barriers at the entrance of the staircase should have been a useful clue:


Comfort DelGro has also confirmed that it is looking into the matter of potential property damage:

We have also activated our loss adjustors to look into the matter immediately with regard to the property of the temple.

Netizens reacted just as you expected them to

Netizens being netizens, used their razor-sharp wit to parody the situation.

This Snapchatter noticed that the stone lions outside the temple had an interesting reaction to the incident:

Now I know why the stone lions look so shocked #Yishun


We can’t top that pun – can you?

Featured image via SGRoadAccidents.