Only Singaporeans will understand

Pop icon Taylor Swift may soon become a political icon.

Why not? She has been referenced in PAP candidate Tin Pei Ling’s speech at a press conference:

A netizen also asked Lee Hsien Loong on Instagram if he prefers Taylor Swift’s “Shake it off” or Meghan Trainor’s “All about that Bass”.


But not before she localises herself.

Meet Tay Ler Swee, a first time voter. In this election frenzy, politicians are busy running from house to house to canvass for votes, like a certain Tan Chuan-Jin.

Unsurprisingly, a handsome candidate visits Ms Tay to get her precious vote. Like many other Singaporeans, Tay Tay voices out her concerns, lamenting the lack of space in Singapore.

Thus, the No Space MV, a parody of Taylor Swift’s Blank Space:

Tay Tay encourages the candidate to take the train at 8am, to feel the pain of a regular Singaporean on the streets.


Not forgetting the influx of foreigners. We don’t blame Tay Tay for feeling like that’s no space in Singapore.


Even millionaire Tay Tay finds housing prices here too high.


What about raising her kids in future then?


She is also concerned about Singapore ending up like Hong Kong because of Population White Paper:


She gets outraged at the thought of it, and pushes the poor candidate. Calm down, Tay Tay. Violence is by no means a solution.

Again, she complains about the train system.

The high COE prices of cars may have possibly reduced her to a plebeian (not!) in Singapore, and she clearly isn’t too pleased about the people mountain people sea (read: it means packed in Chinese, originated from the idiom 人山人海) situation at MRT stations daily.


She also thinks that things will ultimately go back to normal after the elections end.


We have no idea who did this, but we’ve gotta admit – for a parody this one’s pretty good.

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