Parliament Speaker Tan Chuan-Jin Offers Signed Book Of Choice For Donors That Contribute $500 And Above

For charity, of course.

You won’t be directly paying $500 just to get a second-hand book owned by the Speaker of Parliament, because that’s kinda unreasonable.

Instead, you’ll be helping raise funds for less privileged students as part of the Students Care Service’s (SCS) Kits for Kids fundraiser — of which Mr Tan has been a partner with for 4 years.


Donors who contribute $500 and above will receive a title from the Speaker’s stash of military history, strategy, and leadership books.

Not only the books be provided based on your preference, each book comes with Mr Tan’s signature as well.


While $500 for a book sounds a little steep,  let’s keep in mind that it’s for a good cause after all.

Kits for Kids fundraiser

Led by Mr Tan himself, Kits for Kids is a fundraiser by scale modelers looking to raise money by selling scale modelling kits donated by enthusiasts all over Singapore.

The event, which takes place on Saturday (28 Oct) is currently in their 3rd year running and hopes to raise $60,000.


Donations of any of the following are welcomed:

  • Plastic models
  • Figurines
  • Modelling accessories and tools
  • History books
  • Magazines

According to Kits for Kids, Mr Tan holds the record for a donation of 500 kits.


They currently have a target of 1,500 kits this year.

All proceeds will be used to run the services and programmes at SCS for students with challenges such as learning difficulties and mental health issues.

Decision to donate books

According to TODAY Online, the former Minister for Social and Family Development confirmed that $5,000 have been raised just 2 days after a Facebook post calling for members of the public to “read and do good”.

When asked about the inclusion of donating 3 boxes of his books this year, Mr Tan said the following:

A lot of people who build models are also interested in military history, so I thought, I have a number of books over the years (that) I might not read again. So I thought it’d be good to find new owners.


He most recently raised $500 for Trevor Royles’ “Orde Wingate: Irregular Soldier“, a biography about a British officer who changed the way war was fought in the jungle.

Mr Tan’s choice of books

Don’t think you’ll be able to find out more about his favourite authors and books though, as Mr Tan was reluctant to reveal additional details. Joking that some might start “psychoanalysing” his choices, he said the following:

Nowadays, it’s very dangerous, you say anything and people (read) so (much) into it.

Perhaps he was spooked by the recent overanalysis about his Facebook status regarding his appointment to Speaker of Parliament.

He did however, let on that he had read a lot of British author Kazuo Ishiguro’s works during his youth and was looking forward to reading poetry by W H Auden and W B Yeats.

Those interested can head to the SCS’s official website for more information.

Featured image from Facebook and Facebook.