Even Teachers In Yishun Have Better Language Skills Than Your Average Teacher


Another Day, Another Yishun Story

There are three things in life that are constant: Death, taxes and ludicrous happenings in Yishun. Lo and behold, we have another strange story taking place in Yishun. Read our story on the other weird things happening in Yishun.


This time, a relief teacher was filmed hurling a vulgarity back to her student in school —  giving the world a glimpse of how she’s providing value-added education to her class by showcasing language ability and a range of vocabulary that no other teacher in Singapore has shown.

Teacher Vs Student

At Northbrooks Secondary School in Yishun, the teacher and student were merrily cursing each other during a lession when some smart alec decided to catch the whole exchange on camera.

You can catch the lunacy of it all here:

Apparently, the student was the one who yelled “cheebye” first — but shockingly, the teacher responded by throwing back the same curse word at her: “What cheebye? You no cheebye?”


Oh well, at least the spat brought fun and laughter to the class.

As you would expect from schoolchildren, the other students roared hysterically.

The Aftermath

According to The Straits Times, both student and teacher have apologised and undergone counselling.

However, the relief teacher is no longer employed by the secondary school. I guess she was relieved of her duties.


Value-Added Teaching

But why sack the teacher, though? She obviously has an exceptional grasp of the spoken language, being able to combine both Hokkien and English together.

Her linguistic abilities and grasp of more than one language shouldn’t be underestimated as it is a rare find in this day and age.

Compared to the average teachers in other schools who can’t use such words (or rather they are unwilling to risk their jobs by using them), this teacher is providing a value-added service to her students.

She shouldn’t have been sacked. On the contrary, she should’ve received an award for her unorthodox teaching methods that have brought joy to her students and exposed them to different worlds words. We think she’s one of the reasons why Yishun is such a great place to live in.


Whose Fault?

Many netizens felt that the teacher was unfairly treated and stepped up to defend her — insisting that the student should bear the brunt of the blame.


Some even highlighted that students these days are extremely sheltered and spoilt:


One railed against the injustice of the teacher being fired but the student getting away unpunished:


While another opined that he had better language skills than the teacher:


Handled Better

In all seriousness, the relief teacher should’ve controlled her temper better when handling the young rebel.

But it’s not too far-fetched to say that the younger generation have it easy. We’re amazed that the student can curse at her teacher in class so brazenly.

But yet she seems to be immune from all forms of punishment and hardship, such that she’s merely counselled for that, when an adult who did the same thing lost her job.

Perhaps we should take a good look at this situation, and how it could have been handled better.

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