Telco companies new up-sized mobile plans

MyRepublic and their proposed unlimited mobile data contracts terrifying for the existing companies.

Singtel, M1, and eventually Starhub have eventually released plans to upsize consumers’ data caps, but at varying prices.

With all the more benefits for your mobile plans and the attractive plans MyRepublic is offering, we came up with a table to make your decision a tad bit easier!

Which Telco company has the most benefits?

We’ve added in the respective telco’s upsized add-ons, along with advertised price, so you can decide who gives you more data for your buck.

Before we take a look at the extra benefits we are enjoying, let’s take a look at the previous mobile data plans:

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Now the upsized mobile plans:


Basically to enjoy the up-size data plans, an additional $5.90 for M1 and Singtel plans and $3 for Starhub plans has been added to the previous plans.

The new improved plans are only available for new customers and customers who are planning to re-contract their existing plans.

Except for MyRepublic, these contracts are inclusive of Talktime and SMS or MMS.

More data for all of us

The entrance of new competition may be bad for the rest of the telco companies but for us users, it couldn’t be better.

For the same price, we will be enjoying more data privileges. Let us all look forward to re-contracting our mobile plans!

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Featured image via Lester ChanITG Solutions, Logonoid, Wikipedia
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