Minister ‘Opens’ 24 Hour Study Area With Hashtags

Grab your sleeping bags, instant noodles and kopi-o; Sengkang CC study area is now open for 24 hours. Courtesy of the Mayor of the North East District Teo Ser Luck, students preparing for their “O” and “A” levels exams now don’t have to compete for space at the nearest McDonald’s.

In his Facebook post, the Minister of Parliament even said that there will food, drinks and drawing white boards for the hungry and distracted.

Hurray! Now there is now absolutely no reason to fail exams. Social media exploded with cheers for his good intentions. Netizens even asked to carry out the initiative in various community centres across the country.

If the brilliant idea did not win you over, his killer hashtag skills will. Minister Teo’s hilarious string of hashtags earned him throngs of amused online supporters, mostly youths.

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Screenshot 2014-10-15 14.38.03

Hashtag King FTW

Jumping on the media bandwagon breaks down the barrier between politicians and the people. Seeing politicians do every day human activities brings in the realization that they are just like you and I, documenting our everyday lives. However, as they are public figures, they are subjected to even more public scrutiny, which gives them an opportunity to be more transparent with the people and show us what their latest initiatives are. Hashtag overkill or not, Minister Teo proves in this post that he is looking out for the interests of the people—or students, at least.

With reference to Teo Ser Luck
Images via Teo Ser Luck, Claire Ki and Wikimedia Commons