Ever wondered what forest fires look like?

Greenpeace has released dramatic drone video footage of burning forests and smoldering peatlands in Borneo, and its not a pretty sight.

The video shows fires burning on peatlands, rainforests, and oil palm plantations surrounding Gunung Palung National Park in West Kalimantan. Gunung Palung is one of the most bio-diverse places in Southeast Asia, home to a large population of endangered Orang Utans.

Internally, the park has been hit hard by illegal logging — which is already bad. But the situation outside the park is much worse.

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As seen in the video, vast areas of Gunung Palung’s buffer zone forests and swampy peatlands have been drained and cleared for rubber, palm oil, timber, and pulp production.

Wondering how this video affects you?

These fires you see in the video are producing the hazardous haze — which pose a huge threat to the lives of people across Southeast Asia – there is an estimate of 110,000 deaths each year from respiratory and other illnesses. These fires are also a significant source of the greenhouse gas emissions that threatens the world’s climate.

Haze likened to carbon bomb

Greenpeace is calling the situation Indonesia’s carbon bomb.

Companies destroying forests and draining peatland have made Indonesia’s landscape into a huge carbon bomb, and the drought has given it a thousand fuses. The Indonesian government can no longer turn a blind eye to this destruction when half of Asia is living with the consequences,

— Bustar Maitar, Indonesian Forest Project Leader for Greenpeace Southeast Asia



We need to put a stop to this.



While the Singapore environmental and consumer groups have approached various companies such as Ikea and 7/11 to certify that the products they sell are not sourced from “companies accused of causing fires in Indonesia”, we too should do our part to save the planet.

Check out the #webreathewhatwebuy campaign to learn what you can do to save your planet, and the innocent lives which are being killed.

Make a difference while you still can.

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