K Shanmugam’s “A Day in the Life of a Minister” reminds us that he’s not Superman

This video (posted by Mr Shanmugam yesterday on his Facebook page) is basically 12 minutes of our Minister of Law and Foreign Affairs working his ass off.

Yes, it doesn’t sound too far off from what we’re used to, but while most of us work to secure our own livelihoods, Mr Shanmugam works for the good of others: you and I.

Watch how he does it here:

Here’s the video of “A Day in the Life of a Minister.”Wanted to thank the volunteers who put this together.I hope you enjoy it.http://youtu.be/vcfj4A6Jf9M#dayinthelife

Posted by K Shanmugam Sc on Sunday, May 10, 2015

Clearly, he works more hours a day than the average Singaporean, but he’s still not Superman.

We prefer to think he’s a ‘Superhuman’, someone who goes beyond the call of duty but is nonetheless human, down-to-earth and just ‘one of the bros’.

Here are 8 other enlightening things we learnt from the video about Mr Shanmugam:

1. He drives his own car


You’d think he would be able to afford a driver, but he seems to prefer the simpler life. This means, no time for last minute emails or breakfasts in the car, despite how precious the 20 minutes spent driving can be to him.

2. He miraculously makes time to exercise

With a schedule that seems to keep him as fit as he needs, he still wakes up early to exercise. How do you do it Sir?

3. Public holidays are a foreign concept to the foreign minister

Mr Shanmugam travels to meet ministers overseas regardless of when it’s his time for a break. On days where people snap their mandatory passport and boarding pass insta photos, his destination is work.

4. He’s kindhearted

Remember what we said about travelling? Turn out Deepavali isn’t exactly a holiday for Minister S.


Because work calls for him to be at SINDA’s Project Give fundraiser instead.

“When we are celebrating we want to encourage people, in the true spirit of celebration, to think of others who are less fortunate. I think that is the true essence of celebrations like Deepavali as well.”

– Mr Shanmugam, on the meaning of celebration


5. He doesn’t sit in an office all day

In the video, within a span of 2 hours in the morning alone, Mr Shanmugam travelled to four places for four work assignments.

6. He’s a bro to the people in his GRC


Despite his busy schedule, he makes time to attend Meet-The-People sessions at his constituency every Tuesday. And this is past almost every Singaporean’s working hours.

Look at the happy auntie!

7. And he makes sure to eat his dinner at an Yishun coffee shop before that


Good ol’ Shanmugam.

8. He watches Getai with the Yishun hood

Yes, that’s his way of bonding with the residents of Chong Pang, joining them for Yum Sengs, Chinese food and songs.

Cool guy.

But in all seriousness, Thank You Mr Shanmugam, for your service to Singaporeans.

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