Singaporeans are a whiny lot. We love to complain, and one of the things we love to complain about the most is our government. The PAP gets flamed for a lot of things that happen here. So we’ve decided to compile a list of things that you should be blaming the PAP for.

1. Forcing Fandi Ahmad to retire in Batam

When Singapore’s greatest footballer says he wants to retire in a city known for its disdain for loud noises at the ferry terminal, something is probably really wrong with us. Next thing we know, David Beckham’s moving out of England, and relocating to the US instead. Oh wait…


2. That scandalous STB commercial

“Honey, look! There’s our good taste flying out the window!”

3. ERP





4. COE

Sure, COE might have closed lower in the recent bidding exercise but we still have to pay astronomical amounts just to have the right to rent a car in Singapore for 10 years.

At least some of us have it easy.



5. Minister Brain Drain

Everybody knows that our ruling party only collects the best and brightest to represent the party and their constituents.  That’s why our minister salaries are so high. But what if they’re too high? What if our minister salaries are so high that companies are being denied these talents because they chose public service instead?



6. Crappy Channel 8

MediaCorp Channel 8’s viewing reach fell 3 per cent last year to 57 per cent this year. But even with the slide in ratings, the Mandarin channel is still the most highly watched TV channel in free-to-air TV.



Oh but it can be, Li Nanxing. Some of Channel 8’s recent programming may resonate, but there will be none like The Unbeatables and its awesome theme song.

Don’t you dare mention The Unbeatables III though.

7. The good food in Singapore



To have such amazing choices is both a bane and boon. On one hand, we can be assured that wherever we are on the island at 3am, there’s always some food outlet open just 10 minutes away (except for the unlucky ones who stay in Pulau NTU, of course). On the other hand, all this readily available food is making all of us fat and unhealthy. Just ask the Malays.

8. Terrible S-League

Which is pretty surprising because we all know that former high-ranking officers in the SAF make fantastic CEOs. Just ask Desmond Kuek and SMRT.

Maybe Chan Chun Sing should consider switching jobs. He seems pretty good at football.




9. Ponding

For something that is supposed to happen every 50 years, it sure keeps poppingUp. AgainAnd. Again.

10. Anton Casey



Because when foreigners make trouble here, it’s always the G’s fault. Always.

Especially when they bring a former Miss Singapore away to Australia.



11. MRT Overcrowding





12. Banning Shisha




Sigh. What else will hipsters at Haji Lane do now? What else will the carpet shops sell at night? What else will the G ban next?

It’s not really all that bad

In all honesty, we haven’t actually gone into the really serious things, but that is for another day perhaps. In the meantime, leave a comment on what you think we missed out on!

Featured Image via The Independent SG