SLA wants Singaporeans’ feedback on how to efficiently use land under viaducts

The Singapore Land Authority (SLA) has reached out to Singaporeans, asking for advice on how to efficiently use the land below viaducts. The consultation period starts today (29 April), and will end on 20 May. Singaporeans can submit their suggestions via a Google Form (who still uses Google Forms??) on the SLA website. Alternatively, click here for direct access to the form.

Instead of simply coming with one suggestion, the MustShareNews Team has put their heads together and come up with 15 suggestions for SLA to consider. The suggestions range from the feasible to completely faux, but we reckon at least some of these suggestions should be considered:

1. More football courts


Because there’s already one below Thomson Flyover. And also, because this commercial:

2. Beds for the homeless


If nothing else, at least the tents in East Coast will reduce in number. Probably.

3. Hawker centres


The spot under the Thomson Flyover was actually once a hawker centre, demolished in the early 1990s. Why not come full circle and build more hawker centres under flyovers? The constant threat of flyover collapse only makes bak chor mee taste better.

4. Accommodation for commuters stranded by faulty trains


Well, why not? Since train breakdowns don’t seem to be abating, we might as well create slightly indirect solution.

5. Moar (themed) cafes


This whole cafe business never really seems to die out huh? A vehicle themed cafe might do very nicely, we think.

6. LKY memorials

remembering lkySource

Because the Great Man needs more memorials for us to grieve at.

7. Pubs


We foresee many lost souls looking for places to drink now that we can’t do it in public any more. Newly opened drinking establishments can help herd these lost Singaporeans into a nice, warm, and safe place for them to get drunk.

8. Offices


Sometimes people would rather the flyover collapse. Better than collapsing under all the paperwork.

9. Another flyover


This is a joke. Please don’t do this SLA.

10. Other sports stuff


Could be anything from skate parks, basketball courts, even badminton courts. Basically any facility where people can gather to do some sports.

11. Gardens


Some tiny Supertrees would do very nicely, we think.

12. MacDonald’s


After the fall of KAP Mac’s, we reckon all the displaced kids will need a new place to study and hang out and look cool. What better place to do so than underneath a flyover?

13. H&M


So that you can feel even more like a troll while rummaging through the bargain bin, looking for a $5 basic tee.

14. Dorms for people to cause a ‘ruckus’ in


We all need some space to vent. Those kids in SCDF would have benefited immensely if such communal wrecking facilities were available. All they really needed was a safe place to destroy everything their eyes set upon. Oh, what could have been.

15. Bicycle Rentals


Transport Minister Lui Tuck Yew recently said that the Government will be taking steps to make Singapore more bicycle friendly. What better way than to introduce bicycle rental stops? Nationalize the initiative and allow users to rent and return bikes at kiosks conveniently placed all over the island.


Think you have a better idea to better utilize the space below viaducts? Submit your idea to SLA with this Google Form!

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