What if you could decide how you travel on the HSR?

If you don’t already know, a Singapore-KL High Speed Rail (HSR) is set to become a reality in the near future.

Produktionsstart für russischen Hochgeschwindigkeitszug/ Start oSource

And if you haven’t got the rundown about what to expect, some quick facts are:

  1. The Singapore terminus will be housed in Jurong East
  2. You’ll be taken to KL from Singapore in under 90 minutes
  3. There are 7 stops along the route
  4. A realistic completion date is somewhere between 2025-2030
  5. The train will go faster than 250km/h and run on magnetic levitation

The wishlist

While these details have been established, others have not yet been revealed.

So, to contribute to the blossoming of the project, here’s a wishlist of things we want on our HSR:

1. Train food

sia mealSource

Whether your favourite local dish is a Singapore Airline meal (which is one of the best things life has to offer) or the humble plate of Chicken Rice, which Singaporean won’t pay for similar meals on wheels?

2. Eye candy

Of course you’ll pay extra for stewardesses in Kebayas and stewards in suits serving train food.

sia stewardessSource
sia stewardsSource

Yummm………. (the food I mean).

3. Train tickets that are also JEM, Westgate, and JCube vouchers


Well, why not?

Imagine how delightful it would be if your ticket was conveniently disguised as a shopping voucher. The train announcer can go: “next station: 10 dollars off that bag you’ve always wanted”.

4. More space between seats

train seatSource

There’s one thing worse than pushy aunties at the MRT, and that’s when you’re taking a nap on your reclined seat and SOMEONE. KICKS. IT. Since there’s already a space shortage on land, we don’t need it on rail please. Please?

5. A smaller gap between the platform and train

leg 1Sourceleg 2Source

It’ll be pretty unfortunate to see the words “leg gets stuck” and “Jurong East HSR terminal” together in a headline.

6. Being able to pay for rides with the Hello Kitty EZ-Charm

Hello KittySource

Hello Kitty can pay for bus, taxi and MRT fares, and shopping and dining bills. But what we need is the Hello Kitty EZ-Charm 2015 to reincarnate 10-15 years later and pay for HSR fares.

7. Hire this girl to be the train announcer

This is an old video, but she did say she wants to be hired. By the time the HSR is up, she’ll be PERFECT for the job.

8. External cooling

Some residents of Jurong East think it’ll be problematic to built the terminus there considering the many existing developments.

“A lot of trees have been cut down and there is a definite increase in temperature,” said housewife, Mrs Zan Logan, 47.

TOPSHOTS A couple walk past a giant fanSource

It’ll be pretty sick if the G builds a giant air-conditioner on the OUTSIDE of trains to cool the stuffy Jurong East air.

9. #SayNoToTrainDelays

train delaySource

The HSR company should have words like ‘anti-delay’ in their motto. Plenty of Malaysian and Singaporean business men will be hogging the trains, and they wouldn’t be happy being late.

For now, we shall wait patiently for Santa Lee (Hsien Loong) to put us on his nice list. Hohohohoho!

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Featured image via Great Ecology
With references from The Straits Times, Today Online, MustShareNews