Tick Is A Website That Collects O Level, A Level, And IB Study Notes

Studying for O Levels can be a real pain. In fact, studying for any major exam can be a real pain. From spotting questions to finding the most efficient way to cram the most amount of information into your brain, all I had to rely on for my O Levels were ten-year series, textbooks, and tips from my teachers.

But with the internet, searching for anything is far easier. And a collective of students from Raffles Institution have come together to create a sharing resource for study notes.

Named Tick, the website is basically a database of notes, readings, mindmaps, and flash cards for students that are faced with imminent exams. All materials are crowd-sourced, which means they might have come from previous students or even teachers. To ensure that the materials are accurate, there’s even a quality control team that looks through every file.

If you dig slightly deeper, you’ll even find marking rubrics, to properly hack the scores.

What papers are available on Tick?

Of course, you won’t find notes for the PSLE here. Currently, Tick provides materials for O Levels, A Levels, and International Baccalaureate.

Given that the founders are students, you can expect the website to be designed very much for the ease of students. While other learning platforms provide a wealth of information about any given topic, the materials at Tick are made exactly for the syllabus of each major exam, which means only the required information is included — nothing more, nothing less.

However, sections for SAT, ACT and Advanced Placement have already been created, so there’s definitely room for expansion.

The amount of notes for each subject may vary as well, with A Level History getting 74 results, and O Level Chinese getting a grand total of zero entries.

Tick, your new study notes buddy

Users can also create an account, and bookmark useful materials for later use. A review and comment feature also allows users rate the usefulness of each resource, which goes a long way in establishing credibility for later users.

Here are 4 easy steps to start using our platform 🙂

Posted by Tick on Tuesday, July 25, 2017

While Google Docs somewhat fulfills the function, Tick just takes information sharing to a whole other level. Once this resource has a bit of time to get a few generations of information together, it could grow to effectively take over textbooks. If the quality of notes provide reaches a high enough standard, it could effectively deal a fatal blow to tuition centres.

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