Trending Youtube videos in Singapore for 2014

What did Singaporeans love most about Youtube this year? Turns out, its plenty of laughter and local videos like wahbanana. The trending videos of 2014 are based on the number of views, shares, comments and likes that a video gets. But what was it that made these videos so successful? Before we get into that, let’s take a lot at the videos on Youtube Singapore that defined 2014.

10. 7 Awesome Apps We Wish Existed!

Youtube Channel: Ryan Sylvia
Views: 1,781,081



9. 25 Types of Singaporean Teachers

Youtube Channel: Jianhao Tan
Views: 1,338,944


8. 19 Types Of People In Cinema

Youtube Channel: wahbanana
Views: 1,456,976



Youtube Channel: Joyce Chu 四葉草@Red People
Views: 7,696,647

6. You Are Single For A Reason

Youtube Channel: wahbanana
Views: 1,732,518

5. Hello~, 过年几happy有没有?

Youtube Channel: OWL International
Views: 1,244,319


4. 10 Types Of People In The Hawker Centre

Youtube Channel: wahbanana
Views: 1,606,780


3. Past vs Present: Teenagers

Youtube Channel: Jianhao Tan
Views: 1,980,089


2.Snickers® Rocking Grandma( English)- 30s

Youtube Channel: Snickers Singapore
Views: 1,909,086


1. FROZEN – Let It Go Sing-along | Official Disney HD

Youtube Channel: Disney UK
Views: 247,897,000

What Made These YouTube Videos The Best Of 2014

The first pattern we see is the type of entertainment. No sombre, touching movies made it to the top 10. Rather, it was light hearted local entertainment that captivated people’s attentions. This may also explain the success of movies like Ah Boys To Men versus ILO ILO locally. When it comes to popularity, it doesn’t matter so much which the better movie is, but the type of entertainment it provides.

The second pattern we see is the attractive thumbnails. Many of them feature attractive people and viewers like watching attractive people,  it’s as simple as that.

Finally, the prevalent pattern we see in many of these videos is music. ” Hello~, 过年几happy有没有?” and “MALAYSIA CHABOR” were two music videos the locals could relate to. So it was no surprise the universally loved Frozen took the #1 spot. It was the best Disney theme song in years.

Did your favourite videos make the list?

With reference to Youtube
Featured image via wahbanana