Singapore’s Top Junior Colleges Of 2018, Ranked By MOE Cut-Off Points

O-levels. In the blink of an eye, its over.

Yet, it still seems unbelievable that you’ve conquered such a huge milestone in your life. Results are out and but the big question is in: where to next?

If you’re still feeling like a lost sheep, don’t worry. Your shepherds here at MustShareNews present you with the guide to greener pastures.


Here are the Top Junior Colleges of Singapore, based on their 2017 cut-off points released by MOE.

Rank Institution Arts Science
1 Hwa Chong Institution 4 4
2 Raffles Institution 4 4
3 Victoria Junior College 7 5
4 Anglo-Chinese School (Independent) (ACS(I)) 5*
5 Nanyang Junior College 7 6
6 National Junior College 7 6
7 Anglo Chinese Junior College 8 7
8 St. Joseph’s Institution 7*
9 Eunoia Junior College 9 9
10 Temasek Junior College 9 9
11 St. Andrew’s Junior College 10 9
12 Catholic Junior College 10 11
13 Anderson Junior College 11 9
14 Meridian Junior College 11 11
15 Pioneer Junior College 13 12
16 Yishun Junior College 17 16

Source: MOE Joint Admissions Exercise Guidebook

*These schools offer the International Baccalaureate (IB) programme instead of ‘A’ levels,  so there is no distinguishable arts or science stream.

Disclaimer: In case anyone gets triggered, schools are ranked by their cut-off points for their arts courses.

Schools with exactly the same cut-off points for both Arts and Science programmes are ranked alphabetically.

You don’t choose the JC ‘mug-life’. It chooses you.


Junior colleges (JCs) have a reputation for their mug-life but there’s really more to school life than just that.

You can join a multitude of co-curricular activities that pique your interest and engage in exciting school-wide celebrations.

A big plus has to be cohort-wide standardised attire. Perfect for those who don’t want to sacrifice sleep time because they cannot find anything nice to wear.

Why are there some JCs missing?

Serangoon JC, Innova JC, Jurong JC, and Tampines JC will not be taking in students this year, since they are set to merge with other schools in 2019.

Why merge? Mainly because our falling birth rates are back to haunt us, but you can read more about that here. Schools selected to merge are based on location, and the names of the new schools will simply be the combination of the 2 JC names, with the older JC coming first.

Merging Schools School Compound Location New Name
Serangoon Junior College and Anderson Junior College Anderson Junior College Central Anderson Serangoon JC
Innova Junior College and Yishun Junior College Yishun Junior College North Yishun Innova JC
Tampines Junior College and Meridian Junior College Meridian Junior College East Tampines Meridian JC
Jurong Junior College and Pioneer Junior College Pioneer Junior College West Jurong Pioneer JC

Source: MOE

Do y’all have the Top Polys and Private Institutions ranking as well?

Of course.

According to a reputable global academics company, here’s the definitive list of Top Polytechnics and Private Institutes in Singapore.

Polytechnics and private institutions are gaining popularity due to the wide array of reputable diploma courses offered and the dynamic hands-on curriculum.

Work Hard, Dream Big

Now that we have led you onto the right path, you can begin your journey right now.

Don’t forget to jio your fellow lost sheep to attend open houses to better understand what’s ahead for you, before you choose to enroll in a particular school.

MustShareNews wishes you the best of luck in getting into your dream school!

And yes, we know you just can’t wait for that fateful SMS.



Featured image from Hwa Chong Institution, Raffles InstitutionAnglo Chinese School IndependentVictoria Junior College Photography Society.