If you have one day left with your mother, how would you spend it with her?

We have all have seen videos of people calling their mothers and telling their moms, “I love you”.

Here is one Jurong Point did last year, which is a real tear jerker by the way :

This year, D’resort managed to top Jurong Point’s video.

A simple question was posed, but the answers would surely reduce you to tears.

So, what would you do if you have one day left with your mother?

Interviewing people who lost their mothers

Four people were interviewed in the video montage and all these four people have something in common — they lost their mothers.

You can tell that these people never did forget the impact their mothers left on them; the way they spoke is as though their moms are still with them, every step of the way.

Most of us take the presence of our mothers for granted and here are four people who would sacrifice anything just to be with their moms for one more day.

The message D’Resort is trying to put across is quite succint — never take your mother for granted.

Be nice, not just on Mother’s day

Life is undeniably short and unpredictable — as we grow older, our parents age.

So this Mother’s day weekend should be an impetus for us to be appreciative. We can only hope and try to reciprocate the unconditional love a mom has for her child.


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