Toyogo sells plastic products with sexy

Toyogo is bringing sexy back into your homes.

Singapore’s favourite household plastic containers company, Toyogo just launched a series of not-so-innocent-looking advertisements featuring their plastic products and models in high heels and overtly suggestive poses.

Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 4.11.55 pm


Twitter was abuzz on Wednesday (21 Oct) as advertisements of the plastic storage company was shared around.

The photos were found on TOYOGO’s online website and its official phone app. The ads became an unlikely topic of conversation with some poking fun at TOYOGO’s intentions in using sex appeal to sell plastic products.

Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 4.16.22 pm


Because after all, sitting on a plastic mini-ladder suggestively next to the slogan We Cater to All Your Needs just creates infinitely more possibilities of using that ladder.


Why not buy some sexy flowerpots to spruce up your gardening life?

And then there is this plastic bathtub substitute that can fit an entire human being.



Love it or hate it, social media had fun with the photos.

Or maybe TOGOYO was just trying to expand it market from housewives to include chee ko pek uncles too.

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