We didn’t know how zai the public officers who served during national mourning were…. until now

We also didn’t know Gov.sg had a sentimental side.

Anyway, it has been 2 mournful months since the passing of Mr. Lee Kuan Yew.

However, with the Southeast Asian (SEA) Games coming to town and the profuse spamming of all things SG50, it seems like the nation’s ready for some closure.

But you won’t be fully ready until you’ve seen Gov.sg’s ‘A Tribute To Public Officers’ (posted 4 June):

Take a behind-the-scenes look at the dedication and hard work put in by public officers during the period of National Mourning.Video By: Leong Kit MeiProduced By: Wong Shu Wan & Sarah Hadi Devaraj

Posted by Gov.sg on Thursday, June 4, 2015

Now wasn’t that the sweetest 5 minutes ever?

Best of ‘A Tribute To Public Officers’

tribute to public officers 8Source

Now you know why you didn’t go hungry, didn’t faint from the heat, didn’t catch a cold in the rain, and had your first late night train ride ever.

Because while you were sleeping, they were working.


Public servants were awaken from a night’s of sleep by phone calls heralding the bad news.

tribute to public officersSource

And attended a meeting held by the Special Forces Operation Command (SFOC) even before dawn.

tribute to public officers 10Source

Barriers broken between different public agencies

“Many agencies were involved in that message (about free train services) transmission. They (the public) don’t really care if you’re SAF, SPF, LTA or NEA. They see us as one public service.”

– Deputy Commissioner (Operations) Lau Peet Meng, SPF


Here are some buff lord soldiers transporting the sheltered tents you waited comfortably in at the Padang queue:

tribute to public officers 1Source

While another volunteer gives out free umbrellas to visitors without actually using one for herself:

tribute to public officers 3Source

This is another soldier showing visitors the way:

tribute to public officers 4Source

And this two-crab placing a hand of comfort on an elderly man:

tribute to public officers 5Source

Different civil servants put their housekeeping skills from BMT to good use cleaning Mr. Lee’s gun carriage:

tribute to public officers 6Source

A cleaner picks up trash from the queuing grounds after hours:

tribute to public officers 9Source

Ah, the beauty of teamwork.

To the public servants who truly embody The Singapore Spirit, Singapore thanks you:

singapore thanks youSource

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