True Group Shuts Down Overseas

47,000 True Group members were in for a terrible surprise this weekend when it shut down in Thailand and Malaysia, and they’re now wondering if the group will be ceasing operations at its Singapore outlets.

It started when the True Group fitness and wellness chain shut down abruptly shut its remaining True Fitness outlets in Bangkok on Friday (June 9).

The next day, it closed its doors to all True Fitness and True Spa centres in Malaysia, reported The Straits Times.

Singapore Outlets Unaffected

Established in 2004, the True Group has 10 outlets, in addition to eight True Fitness outlets; it has also ventured to Taiwan and China.


According to The Straits Times, the company’s spokesman announced on Friday that there was nothing to be worried about:

The Singapore, Taiwan and China partnership is a totally different legal entity from Thailand. The terms of the partnership are specifically to grow the businesses in Singapore, China and Taiwan. As such, the closure in Thailand will not affect the Singapore outlets or the planned expansion (in China) as announced.

In Thailand, we are a minority partner and the past years have proved challenging, and unfortunately the businesses are no longer financially viable due to evolving market conditions.

There are no updates on True’s Facebook page. However, the company has responded to anxious comments by a few members, saying that the group’s Singapore businesses aren’t affected:


Closed In Malaysia

With regards to its Malaysian outlets ceasing operations, the group was unable to refund its customers in cash, but they were referred to a separate fitness centre, Chi Fitness, to continue their prepaid packages, reported Channel NewsAsia.

Its website stated:

The past few years have proved challenging, and unfortunately the businesses are no longer financially viable due to evolving market conditions.

No further details were given.

Thai media outlet Khaosod English reported that the group did not give its members prior notice before its closure; neither was there any refund or compensation.

California Fitness Again?

On July 20, 2016, JV Fitness, owner and operator of the California Fitness outlets, announced that all its gyms in Singapore would close with immediate effect.

Its members were left in the lurch, with many caught off guard, expecting compensation from the fitness group.

Channel NewsAsia reported that JV’s media release said:

JV Fitness does not have adequate liquid resources to continue its operations and therefore all outlets in Singapore will be closed from today until further notice.

The Provisional Liquidators will quickly explore options that may be available to enable the business to operate but for time being, it is necessary to cease the operations of the fitness centres with immediate effect.

True Group Singapore

The closure of True Group’s international outlets has left members here ill at ease.

However, unlike the sudden closure of California Fitness, where its members were left stranded, at least True Group’s spokesman has made a statement — an attempt to assure its members in Singapore.

Many ex-members of now defunct California Fitness made the switch to True Fitness. It would be unfortunate for them to go through the experience again

We’ll be watching True Group Singapore closely and hoping yet another California Fitness episode doesn’t occur.

Featured image adapted from True Fitness.